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American Civil War, and its impact in U.S

America's Bloodiest war that changed history

Saumyy Dixit

on 4 June 2016

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Transcript of American Civil War, and its impact in U.S

How the Civil War Ended (Reconstruction & Aftermath)
On April 4th, 1865, the South lost the Civil War when Robert E. Lee surrendered to Ulyess E Grant, at Appomattox Court House, Virginia. But, after that, Lincoln planned to do Reconstruction, which was a part of building a nation back to the US. It took a lot of time, from 1865 to 1877, with a presidential election of 1877, with Rutherford B Hayes as the 19th President, which supported the Jim Crow Laws, and that ended up as Segreation in the U.S, which ended up to the 1960's.

The best thing that happened after Civil War was that America became united and the south was under military rule and 4 million slaves became free.
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Guns & Technology in The Civil War
American Civil War and its impact on the U.S
The Main Causes
Separation of the states (Union & Confederacy)
Timeline (Before & After) Of the War
Before the War:

Dec 20 1860- South Carolina Secedes (Left to make own country), then followed by Georgia, Mississippi, Texas, Florida, Alabama, and Louisiana join after a couple of months

Feb 9 1861-The Conferdation Of America is formed, and Jeffreson Davis becomes President of South

Mar 4 1861- Abraham Lincoln becomes President with the Union

Apr 12 1861- The Civil war began after South takes over Fort Sumter in South Carolina

Apr 1861- States like North Carolina, Virginia, Arkansas, and Tennesse join South

Apr 19 1861- Lincoln does the blockage of the South so that the South doesn't have enough supplies for the war, so that the Conferdation loses over time

1861 & 1862- The year that many wars like Battle Of Shiloh, 2 wars of Manassas, and the wars on sea (Monitor and Merrimac)

Jan 1 1863- Lincoln writes the Emancipation Proclamation of the U.S Amendant to free all slaves

Jul 1 1863- The Battle of Gettysburg occurs

Sep 2 1864- William T. Sherman dominates Atlanta, Georgia, then Savannah, Georgia

Apr 4 1865- Robert E. Lee surrenders to General Ulysses S. Grant at The Appomattox Court House

After the War:

Apr 14 1865- Abraham Lincoln is assassinated in Ford's Theatre by John Wilkes Booth, an Actor who's angry about South's defeat

1865- Slavery in America had ended

1865-1877- The South is first, taken over by Union and then they were reconstructed, then Ulysses S. Grant becomes 18th President of the U.S, then Rutherford B. Hayes becomes 19th President of US.
Any Questions or Comments?
By Saumyy Dixit 8D
Famous Battles in the Civil War
Battle Of Gettysburg
First and Second Battle of Manassas (Or First and Second battle of Bull Run)
Battle Of Shiloh
Who was involved?
What is the American Civil War?
A lot of weapons were used in the Civil War but, there also came new technology as well. There's the main Weapons and technology:
Rifles & Muskets
Swords & Knives
Ironclads (Ship)
Hot Air Balloons
Railroad Transportation
American Civil War, or Civil War, happened from 1860- 1877. This was known as "America's bloodiest war" due to the casualties of 600,000 to 700,000, with 3 Million in the war.
Abraham Lincoln (U)
Jefferson Davis (C)
Ulysses E. Grant (U)
Robert E. Lee (C)
William T. Sherman (C)
How ending slavery impacted the whole country
In 1865, after the Civil War ended, the African Americans weren't happy after the end of slavery, since they were into poverty, and the illiteracy. When Reconstruction was still there, Andrew Johnson, who was a Republican Vice President, became a Real President, he passed a lot of laws, which included, leaving behind the African Americans voting system. There was a lot of tension. They faced even more difficult time. After Reconstruction, Congress supported the Kansas- Nebraska Act, which supported Jim Crow Laws, which supported Segregation, which separated Colored and the Whites, which took long until the late 20th Century, to end.
How the civil war impacted the country's economy and growth
Fast economic growth- four pieces of legislation that passed helped growth in the country.
Built three transcontinental railroads (Improve transport)
Built agricultural and mechanical colleges (Improve Education)
War was mostly in South that destroyed wealth and all banks in South. The economy also deteriorated
In South, the recovery was slow because there were few opportunities and a few immigrants
Impact on social structure
After the 13th Amendment was passed, slaves became free overnight and became equal to their masters legally that enraged white slave owners.
After first 10 yrs after the Civil War, discrimination reached its peak and african americans started to talk about their rights, until Congress passed laws that limits for African Americans.
Political impact
Democratic party became the party of angry whites of the South and party of the anti-Reconstruction voters.
African Americans voted Republicans Political Party Candidates, until the election of Franklin D. Roosevelt.
Industry and medical advancement

Better hospital organization, ambulances, surgical techniques, anesthesia, doctors
15,000 miles of new telegraph lines
Military advances- guns, land mines, and submarines
South was mainly based on agriculture. Mainly, the North produced more cotton ,woolen textiles , leather goods, pig iron, and weapons
At the end, wars bring destruction of life and country. This was the most traumatic experience for Americans. At least 620,000 soldiers, out of 3 Million soldiers lost their lives in the war. However, ending slavery brought racism and inequality in United States.

It also changed America in may positive ways and also impacted the world in positive way.
I wish we find peaceful ways to bring changes in society.
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