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Global Warming

No description

emily napolitano

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of Global Warming

More floods!
Sea levels are rising
Hurricanes and tornadoes become stronger
More droughts
Bush Fires
Sand/Dust storms
By Anika, Athulya, Brigitte and Emily!!!
What is global warming?
How does it effect us?
Why is Global Warming happening?
Global Warming is when we put more carbon dioxide into the air. We are using more electricity, which is making it worse. All the energy sources are releasing more carbon dioxide into the air.
What natural disasters are caused by it?
Global Warming
Global warming is when the temperature goes up alarmingly fast over time. For the first time nature isn't the main reason the climate is changing, it is us, humans having an impact.
Green House
Fossil Fuels
The atmosphere is like a Green house. It traps heat from the sun making it possible for animals and plants to live. Most green house gases is a natural part of life. Some people believe the increase of Green House gases is causing Global Warming.
1) Global warming: The earth will get hotter
2) Floods: It effects us, by washing out our homes, it kills crops and threatening lives of many people.
3) Melting of ice: It effects us, because when the ice melts the sea levels rise, which causes a flood.
4) Bush fires: Bush fires start when it is hot and the forest drys out, witch makes a bush fire, this will effect the people who live in the bush or close to the bush.
5)Tornadoes: Tornadoes come suddenly and wipe out the land it comes across. Tornadoes start by hot wind and cold wind mixing together and spinning around.
6) Sand and Dust Storms: They are very rough winds that can carry a lot of things with them for example bikes, parts of houses and bits and parts of nature.
7)Less Fresh Water: If we have less fresh water we will have less water to drink or cook with.
Millions of years ago when nature died it was crushed under ground which created a fossil. Humans have found parts of these fossils such as coal and oil. We call them fossil fuels because we burn them.
That releases a big amount of carbon dioxide. Which means we are creating global warming.
If the sea levels keep rising the way they are it will have raised 19 inches by 2100.
Changes in weather patterns can cause heavy rains and floods.
The dry weather increases the amount of hurricanes and tornadoes.
As the temperatures go up, parts of the forests go dry and can catch on fire which can cause a bush fire.
Did you know?
The intensifying heat will cause water to dry out quickly, this causes droughts.
Did you know?
Did you know?
Did you know?
Did you know ?
Other disasters that may happen are:
Diseases will spread
Polar bears might become extinct
Less fresh clean water
Did you know?
Taking action!
We should plant more trees because it soaks up co2 (carbon dioxide) from the things we use.
Using less cars and planes so then less co2 goes onto the air
Change your car to a hybrid car because it uses a third of the power of a normal car. So next time you get a car think about a hybrid!
carbon atom
That the wind rushing around the desert picks up all the sand, dirt and dust which causes sand and dust storms.
Did you know?
Did you know?
With the sea levels rising there will be more salt water than fresh water

Did you know?
With the ice melting the polar bears home is melting as well. That means they will become extinct. Many other animals may become extinct due to the destruction of their habitat or being unable to live in the changing temperatures.
If diseases spread their will be more chances of dying or getting ill. For example because the weather is getting warmer, mosquitoes will be able to live in more places carrying diseases such as malaria
We want to take action and make sure the earth doesn't get too hot. These are some of our strategies:
The End
Thank you for watching!!!
By Anika, Athulya, Brigitte and Emily!
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