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No description

Julia Sazonenko

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Continuum

Presented by Julia and Susi Continuum by Allen Curnow "the moon rolls over the roof and falls behind my house, and the moon does neither of these things, I am talking about myself." How does Allen Curnow express his theme in the poem? Theme: Insomnia and Continuation of poetic inspiration "It's not possible to get off to sleep or
the subject or the planet, nor to think thoughts.
Better barefoot it out the front" Litteral meaning Curnow explains the hardness of poem.

He is waiting for inspiration for his poem and he is bored about this and wants to sleep. Personification Metaphor symbol for himself which creates a restless mood the poet is lonely and isolated "door and lean from the porch across the privets
and the palms into the washed-out creation,
a dark place with two particular" "bright clouds dusted (query) by the moon, one's mine
the other's an adversary, which may depend
on the wind, or something." "A long moment stretches, the next one is not
on time. Not unaccountably the chill of
the planking underfoot rises" "in the throat, for its part the night sky empties
the whole of its contents down. Turn on a bare
heel, close the door behind" "on the author, cringing demiurge, who picks up
his litter and his tools and paces me back
to bed, stealthily in step" the obsession to finish the poem escape from restlessness, finding inspiration alitiration the privets act as a fence that keeps him away from inspiration Minutes are longer than they actually are waiting for greater idea finally finds the inspiration leaves to go and create Demiurge - a powerful, almost a God who takes things from the planet and creates it into something else Stealthily - slowly walking 3rd person point of view
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