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Russian American Stereotypes

No description

Mandy Temple

on 21 November 2012

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Transcript of Russian American Stereotypes

Russian American Stereotypes Mandy Temple
Cole Roberson Russians drink too much vodka and are extremely loud Popular Stereotypes People believe Russians drink excessive amounts of vodka because it was originated in Western Russia Ways Stereotypes Spread 1914 August: Germany declares war on
Russia and France. Historical Event Videos All Russians are soviets Every Russian man, beat Russian Woman Russian women are all big and bulky- butch All Russians know somebody in the mafia Russian women are all generally hairy It is said the woman are hairy because Russian temperatures run very low, so they have no need to shave People believe all Russians know somebody in the Russian Mafia because this is where the Soviet Union was originated Popular media, such as GermanSlam.com as well as a German game television show, share many stereotypical jokes 1934: Adolf Hitler declared himself leader over all German government, leading to the attempt of attacking Russia All Russians wear animal fur Every Russian steal car parts Russian women always wear heals With each shot glass, they express another stereotype
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