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104.Site Repair

No description

Nicole Windrem

on 25 March 2011

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Transcript of 104.Site Repair

On no account place buildings in the places which are most beautiful. In fact, do the opposite. PRECIOUS, BEAUTIFUL, COMFORTABLE & HEALTHY Buildings must always be built on those parts of the land which are in the condition, not the . worst best Leave those areas that are the most
as they are,
and build new structures in those parts of the site which are LEAST PLEASANT NOW. what usually happens when we are looking for a site to build on? usually the OPPOSITE grass is most beautiful slope of the land is most even soil is most fertile trees are most healthy the view most lovely We always seem to think that we can ‘replace’ the ecosystems or plant a new garden or trees,
but... just because we CAN doesnt mean we SHOULD. Toronto's green roof laws were set in place May 2009 new commercial, institutional and residential developments over 21125 sq. ft. Each act of building gives us the chance to make one of the UGLIEST and LEAST HEALTHY parts of the environment more healthy and beautiful already healthy & beautiful? LEAVE IT ALONE Consider the site
and its buildings as a single living eco-system THE GOAL IS TO MINIMIZE DAMAGE. 171.Tree Places 105.South Facing Outdoors 106.Positive Outdoor Space 169.Terraced Slope 172.Garden Growing Wild 107.Wings of Light 109.Long Thin House 104.Site Repair
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