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Argumentive and Persuasive Essays

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shanel bernard

on 26 July 2011

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Transcript of Argumentive and Persuasive Essays

ISU-Three Day Road by Joseph Boyden The author's attempt of developing or presenting
and convincing an argument with reasoning and
logic to the reader. In - Depth Analysis Argumentative The writer and the reader are partners. If the logic makes sense, the reader may be convinced. Deduction Deductive reasoning evaluates deductive arguments. Shows that a conclusion
follows from a set of instructions Induction Based on personal experience Observes
cases and
forms a
general rule
from those experiences. One sees a repetitive pattern
and can draw a conclusion about it. Persuasive The author's attempt
of persuading or seeking
to persuade the reader
through emotion. Choose the term that reflects
your (the author's) feelings and
encourage the reader to feel
the same way. Word Choice Example Forms the basis of logical induction Adds colour
and feeling Repetition Intentional and constant
repetition can build feeling. Hyperbole Exaggerated Truth Analogy and Figures of Speech Comparing a well
known and under-
stood thing with
another that isn’t
as easy to understand Irony Contrast between direct and
indirect meaning to draw
attention to the opposite. Appeal to
or Prestige Appeals to reader's ethical sense;
he or she believes these people
know the facts and tell the truth. Fright A frightened reader
is an interested
reader Frighten only with
facts. Avoid cheap
effects. Climax Progress towards the
strongest point after
a good introduction. Video Why Do Writers Use
Argumentation / Persuasion? To prove
a point. To cause a
discussion To arouse and
relate emotion How can readers tell
essays from the other
types of essays? Does it involve
someone’s personal
opinion of a topic? Does it have
a clear position
on the topic
being argued? Does it have
points being
proven and
explained? How does this essay
conform to the
characteristics of its
type? What is the thesis? Is it
direct or implied?How
does the author prove this? Rhetorical Devices Found Diction and Varied
Sentence Structure Discussion
Questions If someone you love were hurt, would you keep quiet and be thankful their okay, or would you speak up and seek justice? Was this essay meant to dehumanize the attackers or let the them know that the mother is willing to forgive them for their wrong doing?
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