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Welcome to Ms. Vesta Mahadik's 6C Math Class

No description

Vesta Mahadik

on 31 August 2015

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Transcript of Welcome to Ms. Vesta Mahadik's 6C Math Class


Welcome to Ms. Vesta Mahadik's 6C Math Class

Resource and Practice Journal

Text book

Sturdy three ring binder with FOUR sections

Classwork, Notes, Quizzes, Homework

Pencils......lots of pencils! Pen is not acceptable

Agenda - All assignments to be copied.

Homework on school website and posted by 5pm daily. (ONCOURSE HOMEWORK WEBSITE)

Big Ideas Math Program

Overall goal:

To open doors to abstract thought, reasoning, and inquiry.

Connections to real life situations

To feel confident about any challenges that involve math

To prepare for career- readiness

To meet the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Content.
Homework/ Grade break down
All work to be shown. No work- no credit

Late work is not accepted

Homework is given every day. Including the weekends, holidays etc.

Multiplication tables to be memorized through 12

20% Homework 80% Quizzes. Tests are 2 x Quiz

As teachers......
We not only teach but we REACH.

Reaching out to others, sharing, caring.

Learning to go from the basics to the daring

Please encourage your children to love math.
Number expressions and equations

Fractions, decimals, %, comparing, converting

Algebraic expressions and properties
Areas of Polygons

Rates and ratios

Integers and the coordinate plane

Equations and Inequalities

Surface Area and Volume

Statistical Measures
Data Displays

Units of Study
Free class education for anyone anywhere

Extensive library tool

Dynamic system for getting

Have unprecedented
visibility into what students
are doing on KHAN ACADEMY
Khan Academy
Remind is a free service that lets me send one-way messages
Remind will keep our phone numbers private.
A lot easier to stay in touch about the class
There are no open replies to teacher messages on REMIND
Your personal contact information is never seen by me or by the school.
Messages from my class will be sent straight to your phone or email account.
Simply text this code : @lmsmath6c to : (848) 207-2684

@lmsadvmath to : (848) 207-2684
Reply to the message from the Remind team with your first and last name, and you are IN! :-)

Calendar must be on paper no smaller than 18" by 24"

Choose any month of the year 2014, except February

Will be given math topics from chapters completed

Good review for students

Plan: Students come up with their own questions for the topics given AND the date on the calendar should be the answer to their made up problem.
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