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Welcome to 8th Grade Language Arts

No description

Alyson Britt Ehrlich

on 26 September 2018

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Transcript of Welcome to 8th Grade Language Arts

Welcome to 8th Grade Language Arts
Mrs. Ehrlich & Mrs. Vaughan (Block 5/6)
Our Class
Our students know that no matter what, when they step in our door, we are friendly and respectful towards one another, it is our number 1 rule! Your children are catching on quickly. They come in with a smile and they leave with a "thank you" on a daily basis. They are also helping one another and making new friendships. This lifelong skill will be reinforced throughout the year. It has been a great start!
Back to School Night

A day in the life of your child...
What we are
reading &
We appreciate you coming tonight! If you have any individual questions or concerns, please e-mail us at aehrlich@wall.k12.nj.us or kvaughan@wall.k12.nj.us
My extra help day is Thursday!
Upcoming Activities

Halloween "Poe"try in October
Connecting with classes around the country for the Global Read Aloud through FlipGrid
Writing children's books and sharing with elementary schools through FlipGrid
Socratic Seminars
Book Club Units

1- 7:10-7:19
2- 7:22-7:31
3- 7:34-7:43
4- 7:46-7:55
5- 7:58-8:07
6- 8:10-8:19
7- 8:22-8:31
8- 8:34-8:43
9- 8:46-8:54
10- 8:57-9:05

Two Book Clubs (fiction & nonfiction)
Choice novels

Literary Analysis
Narrative Writing
Choice Journal Writing
Research Tasks

Exciting upcoming

Before You Leave...

Let's play Kahoot!

Go to Kahoot.it and enter the code:

Nickname can be your first name and last initial

Mini Lessons
A Walk In Our Block
Reading & Writing
Stay Connected
At the start of each class, we start with direct instruction based on past assessments. It could be developing a thesis statement, learning reading strategies, discovering themes in a text, etc. It could also be a review of an earlier mini lesson. Then the students take time to practice.
Each day, the students are reading and writing. It is important that they have a choice novel throughout the year as this will help in their vocabulary development and sentence structure. We will also be exploring different modes of writing. Please look out for the writing portfolios and their choice novels at home!
Log into his/her Drive and into Classroom
Enroll in Remind- Enter 81010 & Text @bc24ge
Check Genesis Parent Portal for grades
Check HW at https://app.oncoursesystems.com/school/webpage/13118571
Look at my blog at http://mrsehrlichela.blogspot.com

During independent reading and writing I will be conferring with the students in small strategy groups and one-on-one. During this time, your child is getting either a review or reteaching of the mini lesson, help with writing, a conversation about reading, or at times a way to advance their writing to a higher level. After this guided lesson, they will be sent back to work with the rest of the students.
What's New?
What's New?
One to one chromebook initiative
Newsela (a database of current nonfiction texts that adapt to individual student's level)- Will be used as enrichment reading to accompany the texts we read in class
Adapting a workshop model for the middle school classroom
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