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comparing slavery of the past with slavery of today

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Jeremy Rodney

on 18 October 2017

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Transcript of comparing slavery of the past with slavery of today

Now vs then

Bonded Labor
Bonded labor was worse back in the day when there wasn’t much of any international law. Its existence has been around the world for hundreds and hundreds of years. Bonded labor has gotten a little better but is still the same, because of its long existence. Also this will never stop unless the poverty rates go down.
Due to more laws there has been less of bonded labors, where people just take legal action. Still bonded labor goes on all around the world illegally.
Then it was much cruler sometimes even leading to death or cruel punishments depending in what circumstance you were in. It was more of a person to person situation. Where you and say a person resolve the issue no matter what it takes. No laws were used in some countries and in others well its basically up to the leader or you.
Now it is a little better because of the international law, but still doesnt help that much because of small factories, people and even countries dont take it into consideration.
Trafficking Now vs Then
Child labor
Forced labor
There are more slaves in trafficking rhen any point of history.
Not just women, even men. For example a boy named Nadu was sold when he was five due to his family giving in to the weight of foresight, tradition and circumstance. He and millions suffer like him and so does girls.

Back then it wasnt as big, but it was big in other countries due to religions, culture or just trafficking.
An estimaded 163million chidlren were involved in child labor in 2013.
It is cheap in many countries to take children and help them work in hard conditons factories, aswell as being slaves. This main problem is the money and some familys cant afford sending the children to go to school and have a better future.

Back then it was even worse because the school system was still devoloping and some countries didnt approve of the lower class childern to go to school. Only the wealthy and privallged. Sadly this went on for a very long time affecting kids today of this generation.

Do you think in your mind that slavery EXITS today?(Disscuss)

Then with a partner present your drawings of what you think a form of slavery is.

Forced labor has changed slightley, but hasnt really. Its still happens in lots of countries to millions in the open and hidden. But forced labor was more open in lots of countries when there monarchy ruled completly.
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