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Beyonce's Halo Song Analysis

No description

Sri Bhamidipati

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of Beyonce's Halo Song Analysis

By Sri Bhamidipati "Halo" by Beyonce Knowles A Deeper Meaning A Closer Look The song is not actually about angels and halos. The song is a metaphor signifying a woman who got her heart broken in a previous relationship.
Since she got her heart broken, she built walls and put up defenses up to protect herself. She swore that she would never fall in love again.
Then she meets a guy who breaks those walls and builds her trust and confidence in her towards him, regardless of how much she tries to fight against it. A Deeper Meaning (cont'd) She never spoke the words out loud; her pride wouldn't allow her to muster the words of fear of getting hurt again. It "hit her like a ray of sun" as she realized that he's the only one she wants, everything she needs and more. She's addicted to his light. she was awakened, or, her eyes have opened to the brand new world. She's taking a tremendous risk by giving
love a second chance. She never wants to
shut him out because she knows what it feels
like at the other end. Although she swore she would never fall in love again, she claims that with this guy, it doesn't even feel like falling.
She says that while standing in the light of his halo, she finally got her angel, or saving grace.

It addresses the emotions of being heart
broken but falling in love again for a second time. Why This Song...? The performer of this song is Beyonce Knowles.
Composer is Ryan Tedder, the lead vocalist of the band One Republic.
Writer is Beyonce herslef as well as Ryan Tedder.

Why I like this song is because I really admire Beyonce as a singer because she has such a powerul voice and her voice is well suited for this song. This song also tells a story and it has a powerful meaning as well.

I especially like the slow beat and how the
song progresses from soft to loud, as well as slow to moderate speed. The background music along with the rhythm and the singer's voice, this song creates a warm and thoughtful feeling. Music and Lyrics Music and Lyrics (cont'd) Devices and Poetry Remember how I said that this song, Halo, has poetry in it too? Well, here it is! There are many poetic devices in this song such as personification, hyperbole, metaphor (which this whole song is), simile, repitition, alliteration, assonance, rhyme, etc. Poetic Devices There are 12 poetic devices in this song.
6 of them are:
"Hit me like a ray of sun/burning through my darkest night..." ----This is a simile.
"Baby, I can feel your halo..." ----This is a hyperbole.
"Gravity can't forget/To pull me back to the ground again" ----personification
"Remember those walls I built.../They didn't even put up a fight/ They didn't even make a sound" ----personification again. Poetic Devices I can feel your halo, halo! I can see your halo, halo! I can feel your halo, halo! I can see your halo, halo-o-o!"
---repetition (this is basically the chorus so it repeats as a whole many times in the song)
"Hit me like a ray of sun.../You're the only one that I want..." ----Eye/sight rhyme This song is not just for listening; a good ear would also notice that the meaning of the lyrics, the instrumental music in the background and the poetry in the song contribute to why people like this
song so much. We can't forget about the music behind this song! This is what makes the song coherent and gives that warm and thoughtful feeling I was talking about earlier, to the listeners. The instruments used for the instrumental music in the song are: piano, violin, cello, bass drums, and a keyboard (not as same as piano). The instrumental gives a warm, nostalgic feeling as if you're going through your old yearbook or pictures of your childhood. The instrumental music has a clapping sound and the song begins with the choir singing and violins playing which together create a soft sound. As the song progresses, in the chorus, the singer keeps echoing the word Halo and all the instruments are playing which creates a loud sound. Beyonce controls her voice and makes it a melodic tone throughout the whole song. A Deeper Meaning cont'd)
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