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Clara Barton

No description

S Gates

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of Clara Barton

Foundation Influences Conclusion ( My Thoughts On This Person) Education and Motivation Obstacles\ Character Traits One Question I would Ask This Person Clara's influence would probably be her dad he always told her story's about the war. It was also herself she always loved to help people. If you want to know what I think of this person? I thought that she was crazy and a hero. I think that she is crazy is to touch leeches and that she went into the war to help people as a nurse. Why I think she is a hero is because she helped people in need of help in the war so they can go back in the war so they can keep on fighting for freedom. Clara Barton

written by Augusta Stevenson Historical Impact (Major Contributions) Clara Barton was a founder of the American Red Cross. Background & Historical Backdrop Credits My Book Wikipedia.com http://americancivilwar.com At age 60, she founded the American Red Cross in 1881 and led it for the next 23 years http://www.redcross.org/ Clara was born in December 25, 1821. Clara died April 12, 1912 (aged 90.) She died in Glen Echo, Maryland, U.S. Clara Barton became a school teacher in 1838 teaching Clara was shy, strong, , kind, caring, and quiet. When Clara was 11, David was fixing the barn roof and fell off. The doctor said that he would die in time. But young Clara was determined to save him. Clara saved him by leeches. In 1864 she was appointed by Union General Benjamin Butler as the "lady in charge" of the hospitals at the front of the Army of the James Clara assisted the grand duchess of Baden in the preparation of military hospitals, and gave the Red Cross society much aid during the war. Clara was shy when she was a kid. because of this she went to boarding school. She was sick. Because she didn't eat much food. These girls at her boarding school got her over whelmed and she fainted. She was strong because she could pull a raft up a river. This was in a summer wheal she was a kid. Clara was kind, and caring and I can prove it. She would care for her family, and pets. Clara was kind because she would help people when they where sick and one summer they thought that she could talk to animals and help them if they where sick or hert Clara was quiet because she was shy. I menhaden that in one of the other bolts. Well she oveasly was a founder of the American Red Cross. It said that right in the title of the book. Well, Clara founded the American Red Cross, was a nurse in the Civil War, and technically helped forum our medical community. http://wiki.answers.com http://www.baa.org She also was the first woman to be given a significant job with the federal government Her other influence was her brother David. He taught to tack care of animals. So one summer her dog got its paw ran over and she talked to the dog in a soft voice. The dog wouldn't let anyone touch it. but he did to Clara. The question I would ask Clara Barton would be how did she get so shy if she is so adventurous?
What made you touch leeches? How Could you handle tacking care of David's fever. Why did you become the first women to work for the Government. I know that you like to tack care of people so what was your reaction to the bullet that toured through your dress and hit your injured patient that was in the army? Well Clara was born in 1821 December 25. She was the youngest in the family. She lived with four older siblings. David, Stephen, Sally, And Dorothy. Mom and Dad. She went to a boarding School, because she was so shy that she was failing in school. So they sent her to Boarding School. She fainted because she was under so much presser about a bracelet. Clara's brother David fell by a dare and got ill. Clara didn't go to school for two years, because Clara was crewing David with leeches. After that she went to High School. When she was 17 Clara stated to teach school. Clara was a teacher for eighteen years, Intel she had a brake down. Clara got a job for the Government. She was the first women to work for the Government. Clara became a nurse for the army. Her Education was her family they where all teachers. David and Stephen Taught Clara to ride horses, tack care of animals, how to swim, mathematics. Sally and Dorothy taught her to read, spell and write. Clara's parents taught her to cook, geography and history. All of these got her a head start. Her dad Taught her geography and history. How he did this was telling Clara indian and war stories when he was in the war himself. David taught her to tack care of animals. That gave her a connection to animals. Clara always had a soft voice so when a animal got hart she would talk to them and help them to what was wrong. ALL OF THESE Influenced her and educated her. Plus her Motivation of what she was going to do in the footcher. http://on.aol.com She was also in the army to save men that was wounded.
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