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"Sa Pula sa Puti"

No description

rd daracan

on 28 January 2015

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Transcript of "Sa Pula sa Puti"

Kulas- He is addicted I cock fighting.

Celing- She is the wife of Kulas.

Teban- He is obedient but he’s not intelligent.

Sioning- She is the friend of Celing.

Castor- He is the one who pushes Kulas to bet on cock fighting.


1. INTERNAL CONFLICT - Kulas cannot control himself to beg some money from Celing to go in cockpit arena.

2. INTERPERSONAL CONFLICT – Kulas against her wife Celing.

3. EXTERNAL CONFLICT - Kulas against cockpit arena beside their house.
By: Francisco "Soc" Rodrigo
"Sa Pula sa Puti"
About the Author
Kulas, a great cockfighter, always had an argument with his wife Celing regarding his cockfighting vices. Celing was just thinking that if the money that Kulas was spending in the cockpit arena it would be more useful if they buy it with food. But Kulas always say that the money would be doubled if he wins by luck. One day, when he was begging for 10pesos at Celing, he heard the noisy sound coming from the arena near their house. He felt uneasy and he pleased at Celing. She shakes her head and gave 5pesos at Kulas. He gave him 5pesos because he promised that this would be the last time he would go to the arena. Before kulas left the house, Sioning, a friend of Celing came. She noticed that Kulas is on a hurry and asked Celing why. Celing explains that Kulas is really addicted to cockfighting and she cant do none. Before Celing forgots,she called on Teban at the back of their house and tell him what to do and gave him 5pesos. In case that Kulas lost the money in the arena, she makes sure that they lost nothing because she bet on the opponent of Kulas. She’s been doing it one month ago and she thinks that it’s a good idea. Castor, an old friend of Kulas and also a cockfighter , went to visit kulas.

He came to tell Kulas about cheating plans on cockfighting and expectedly, Kulas get into the idea of Castor. When he knows that the cock is in good condition, he beg for another 20pesos at Celing and made another promise to be broken. Celing knows what to do so she gave him 20pesos and made a bargain to Kulas that if nhe lose this time, she will cook all the tinali at the bacnk of their house. Kulas agreed and went cheerfully to the arena but after the game , he loose. When he got home, he was surprised by the revelation of Celing, Sioning and Teban about his cockfighting hobbies. Later they know that they both loose up in the end, and Celing told Kulas that he has 6 cocks in the coop to be cooked at dinner and Kulas approaches with a look of approval.
Point Of View

Omniscient because the narrator sees all what's happening. He can see on what's in the minds of the characters on what they want specially the inner thoughts of the characters involve in the story. The narrator does not use any pronouns and that proves that this is not first person neither third person but omniscient.

Deception because Kulas always believe on his dreams as premonitions. He always believes that it will happen suddenly. He wants to prove that his dreams are true even it is not. He just want to take advantage or add his confidence by believing on what is wrong.
1. Money

2. Red cat

3. Snake that coiled itself into a figure eight.

4. Rooster

5. White Carabao

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