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Jessica Shopoff

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of DMAC

WEIGH ANCHOR Map of DMAC Island: Land Ho! Reports to focus on student performance and instruction. These include:
STAAR Grade Performance by Reporting Category
STAAR Item Analysis - Demographic by Item
STAAR SE Performance by Objective
STAAR Quintile Reports
Tutorial Reports AT THE HELM Reports to focus on comparing performance among subpopulations:
Statewide Demographic Comparison
Demographics by Subject for Grade
Demographics by Grade for Subject
Demographics by Curriculum for Subject - HS Only Discuss:
Which of these reports do you think will be most valuable to you?
How will you use the DMAC data to better guide the instruction for your students?
What questions do you have? On the Hunt for the Data Gold Mine DMAC Treasure Island Training Materials TEKScore - Local benchmark data. State Assessment - Includes TAKS, STAAR, and TELPAS. X X X THE CROW'S NEST Reports to focus on summaries of student state testing scores.
EOC Cumulative Summary
EOC Cumulative Detail

More reports coming SOON! CAPTAIN'S LOG X A Hidden Jewel:
Search Tool The Search tool can be used to: Analyze student test responses Display student's testing history Locate student test scores STUDENT REPORTS Instructional Reports Demographic Reports D - Data
M - Management for
A - Assessment and
C - Curriculum
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