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use this prezi to help you understand conflict and the difference between internal and external conflict.

Danielle Sherfey

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Conflict

Internal vs External Conflict
What is conflict?
Conflict is the struggle between opposing forces or characters
Why does a story need conflict?
* Without it, the story could be boring
* a story can have MANY conflicts

The main conflict is the is CENTRAL to the plot and is usually resolved by the resolution.
EX: the MAIN conflict in ROTHMC is ....
Segregation is the main conflict throughout our novel. It is what drives almost all other conflicts in the novel and is the idea that the Logan family is constantly battling with other members of society.
External Conflict
This kind of conflict takes place between a character and something else outside the character
Types of External conlict:
man vs man
man vs nature
man vs society
Internal conflict
This kind of topic takes place in the character's mind or heart.
EX: Christopher John had an internal conflict when he had to choose between lunch and the bus.
Which Type of Conflict is it?

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