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No description

Bianca Williams

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of Zooz1

Along with being able to see if someone is Similar to Facebook and the iPhone, on the ZooZ you are able to... ZooZ Olympia Co. presents... The phone Messaging CAMERA Navigational System SCANNER Self Destruct Most people are always looking for the next best phone. So if you're one of those people, the ZooZ will definitely qualify on your list. I mean, how can't it? Unlike with any other phone, the ZooZ has the option of using what we call the setting. Now, let us direct you through our... Love that outfit your class mate is wearing?
Well, now with our new app, you can know exactly where it is from, how much it costs , and the nearest store in which you can find it! Your phone has been stolen ?! It's practically... It's

than clouds.
than lightning And even more

than the greek god Zeus himself. POWERFUL FASTER LIGHTER INSTANT MESSAGE UNTOUCHABLE. FACETIME typing back With ZooZ you have the option of changing fonts and even italicizing what you choose. You know, to up some personality to the conversation. spark Features in messaging also include: bolt mail (e-mailing) skybooth Skybooth allows you to have a settings that
have Of course, basic features such e-mailing, picture messaging are included. You don’t need an app for that. However... You are able to download and view your content FASTER than the speed of Why does the ZooZ any other phones? TRUMP Let our five unique features YOU AWAY. PRINTING Navigation system Scanner Capturer -DESTRUCTION Self Option Option BLOW Printing Option travels at a constant, finite speed of 186,000 mi/sec. POWER Now imagine being able to print pictures, emails, text messages, and notes, with that kind of Like a flash So forward with us to our... BLAST LIGHT SMELL LIGHTNING of , out comes a paper from a slit at the bottom/side of the phone. travels at a speed of 700 million miles an hour. With the printing feature,you are able to print and view your content FASTER than the speed of The navigation feature isn't simply a GPS. This on-point feature allows you to have the opportunity to lay back, relax, and enjoy the ride to your destination. Capturer How this feature works is simple. The ZooZ comes with an adapter that connects to your car. Once the phone is connected, type in the desired address and the phone will literally drive you to your destination. Umm what? Yes, ZooZ is technologically programed to sence any car movements and traffic signals. Hold on to your nose, because we're about to shake your senses. Come take a whiff of our... Smell Ever been to a restaurant and wished that you could share how
something smelled? good Now a days, it's easy to share how good your plate of food looks, just it instagram With the Smell Capturer feature, sharing smells is just as easy as sharing pictures. Where exactly can we use this app? every where as longs it is located on planet earth To capture a smell, choose the Capturing option and hover the ZooZ over the desired object, food, or plate. You will hear three beeps after the smell has been captured through a senser at the top right corner of the phone. Just click on the scanner , place the phone an inch away from the object and in a matter of seconds you will have all the information you need in order to obtain this object. This app allows you to scan ..... anything and everything No need to worry From food ...... To clothes Just call our company and we will happily destruct the phone for you. or even something as as a simple Key If you have insurance we will send you a brand new ZooZ. With food, it will not only tell you where to buy it but it will also tell you the amount of calories it has. With clothes, it will tell you where to buy it, the prize and it will search it in the size you need. Don't want it to fall into the wrong hands? Don't worry no one will get hurt. Phone The absolute service for the customers Internet BEST Need to search information? Well Zooz can provide that and BEST FAST ZooZ commercial
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