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Study Abroad

Questions and answers session

Diana Ballen

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Study Abroad

Fact 5: Notice this:

NO: I want to study X and Y.
Who would be able to offer ME an scholarship?

YES: Which scholarships are available?
From all these possibilities,
which is the one that best matches with my own interests? Myth 4: It is not a raffle (lottery).
It is a matter of distinction (MERIT). Fact 1: Governmental entities that give scholarships are not interested in YOUR personal growth. They are more concern about the way you will have an impact in the society once you have graduated. Fact 2: You are expected to come back to Colombia and develop a project, help people, carry out research, or have an impact in the Colombian society. The idea is not to get married there and abandon the academic plans. Fact 4: Being Colombian can be a PLUS Fact 3: Have this clear in mind: Applying for an scholarship is a long-term project. What is the importance? How to study abroad? Follow the next steps…
http://www.educationusa.info/5_steps_to_study/graduate_step_1_research_your_options.php#top QUES TIONS AND ANSWERS SESSION WITH A PERSON WHO HAS HAD
THE OPPROTUNITY TO STUDY ABROAD How to choose the country and program type?
Check university ranking websites:
What is the position of Colombian universities? 1. Fulbright Scholarships http:// www.fulbright.edu.co
(Human sciences, education, environmental sciences, art, etc.)
It is very prestigious. It helps you with the admission process and with the visa.
My experience? Requirements:

-CV (university student/professional/master degree/ PhD)

-GPA- Grade point average


-Social responsibility-social impact when you come back

-Job in the public sector + other relevant work experience

-Teaching experience

-Volunteering experience

-Belong to research groups

-Publications (Human sciences)

-Artistic exhibitions (Arts)

-Leading Conferences (Sciences)

-Foreign language (International exams: TOEFL/IELTS)

-Who is going to write recommendation letters for you? 2. Colfuturo: Credito-Beca : http://www.colfuturo.org/

3. Colciencias http:// www.colciencias.gov.co

4. Icetex: http://www.icetex.gov.co/dnnpro5/es-co/inicio.aspx

5. British Council: http://www.britishcouncil.org/es/colombia-clases-de-ingles-en-medellin-mas-informacion.htm

6. Get financial aid through the universities you apply directly:
http://www.bc.edu/ 7. Other possibilities:
Myths and Facts
about scholarships Myth 1: Scholarships are ONLY for extremely brilliant people.
This is absolutely false. People who are patient and perseverant can get a scholarship. Myth 2: There are scholarships for all disciplines and subject matters.
False. There are some subjects that receive more support than others (Educational technology, Conflict Resolution, Environmental policies, Poverty eradication, health issues, gender issues, etc.) Myth 3: Rich people give scholarships just for charity.
Nope. It is not a matter of charity. It is more connected to an inversion in a person’s education and in the future of a nation. Let's talk about different scholarships
1.Differerent cultural system
2. Relevant academic experience
3. Access to resources
4. Professional development
5. To see our country from a different perspective
6. To reinforce your own values (Latin American culture)
7. To see a different system of values
8. To help our own country when we come back, to help solve some problems here: Can this make a valuable impact in our own country?
9. You will get financial support Study in Latin America?
Only if the country offers the best program in the world. (Consider Brazil, for example)
Only if the program they offer is better than the program that is offered here in Colombia.
Only if the program’s applicability is related to Latin America.
Only if they offer excellent conditions for Colombians.
Only if there isn’t any other possibility. Fact 6: Why do we have to study English?
Is it “Imperialism”?
NO. Sutton Law: The law is named after the bank robber Willie Sutton, who reputedly replied to a reporter's inquiry as to why he robbed banks by saying "because that's where the money is."
So, we need to consider that the best universities in the world are in the U.S and in England. Even other universities in the world will ask you to read in English. CHRONOGRAM
-Study English
-Gain relevant work experience
-Research on the program, the country and the requirements
-Get all the documents ready
-Get the visa
-Pack your bags
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