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The Digital Universe

Digital team presentation for IG meeting Feb2013

alex bono

on 18 February 2014

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Transcript of The Digital Universe

The Digital Universe
2013 Total Donations & CPA for Display
Creative Testing 2013
Core Creative
Glimmer Donate

Power of the First Hour

Long Vs Short Copy

Jon Creative & Message

PPC explained
Save the Children website had increased significantly, with predictions that by Christmas 2014, at least 50% of traffic will be from mobile
Social activity is driving more traffic to the site than email
The biggest jump the site had in cash donations was from Wishlist
More people are donating, however, the value of those donations are smaller
Digital Facts
Mobile devices and content displayed on these will be more important than ever, with tablet growth to be 47%
Users are more willing to close the personalization gap. An IBM study shows that 90% of users are willing to spend up to 20mins on updating their preferences to receive a more personalized message
More focus will be around easy payments - without the buyer physically taking out their card and typing in their details IE mobile wallet, Paypal
Tablet ownership is predicted to rise by over 50%, with 15% of US population with buy an additional device
Android's GooglePlay is set to overtake Apple's iTunes
SEO will be all about semantic search. What people want to search for instead of what they actually search for
Predictive Marketing: Scary or Clever?
Google Now
Anticipatory shopping
Visa predicts divorce
56% of mobile Twitter users say they are influenced by Twitter content when buying a product or service
37% visit Twitter before and/or after they shop
1 in 3 say that Twitter has a direct infulence on their purchase decisions
94% of tweeters shop on their mobile
TV advertising synced with Twitter ads has reduced CPA by 36%
Other cool facts!
60% of our committed givers are already on Facebook!
So we're targeting them with Like Ads
Great way to build donor engagement in an environment where our donors are already spending time
We will also use this data for 'look-a-like' prospecting

Do they like us?
Banner's in action
PPC results 2013
Website results 2013
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