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My Perfect World

No description

Benny Lam

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of My Perfect World

The World Some Of Us Wanted But Never Got My Perfect World Introduction After learning about what people do in order to create a perfect world. And since we're just wrapping up our Utopian unit, my classmates and I were assign to create our own perfect world like no others. So I've decided that my perfect world would be a paradise far away from different surrounding harming dystopias in the world. It would be filled with freedom, equality, peace and happiness because without these four things, days would be as bland as a blank piece of paper. I'll be just taking couple of minutes of your time to talk to you about the environment, what's in my perfect my perfect world and finally, how life is in my perfect world. Now if you were waiting for my presentation, the long exhausting wait is finally over. And if you just heard about this, just sit tight and enjoy. Perfect Environment Perfect Family My perfect family would be a family of four. One father, mother, brother and sister. A family with two parent and children both opposite genders would make the family happy because no one is left out. for example, if there were two girls in a family of four, the father would be unhappy cause there isn't a male in the family. If there were any twins in my perfect world, the twin that doesn't smile or laugh as much as the other twin would be put to sleep. It would be more perfect to put the twin to sleep because in my perfect world, everybody must be happy and the one that isn't happy, may make others unhappy too. Without twins, struggles to find out who's, who wouldn't exist. Cause some people don't have twins and some do. It better to eliminate one of them because it wouldn't be a world of equality if one person had something and the other didn't. Perfect Job Perfect Community In my perfect world, the perfect community would be a place with rows of houses that are exactly the same from both the exterior and interior. The furnitures, floors, wall, appliances etc. are all the same, even it's color. If someone liked an someone else's house, the person would be dissatisfied with their own house witch will make them jealous and wanting that other person's house. Jealousy won't make them happy and in order to make them happy, is if everything in and out of the house were exactly the same. Then, nobody would be excited nor unhappy. Also, everybody's birthday would be on January 1st. Even though if they weren't born the the 1st, their birthdates are still on the 1st. So this means new year, new age for everybody. The one day that people feel special on, is their birthday. If everybody's birthdates were the same, everybody would feel equally special on the same day. Perfect Government In my perfect world, the government has the exactly same amount of power as a typical person in my perfect world. If someone has more power then the other, then the one with less may argue about how they have less and the other has more. And we all know that arguing leads to an dystopia and in my perfect world, there must be no arguing because I want it to be a Utopia. The government are the ones who over look the citizens and create new ways to keep both the citizens and island safe. After, the ideas are agreed in the house of commons, the ideas are sent out to the whole island to vote for witch idea would keep the island safe and witch wouldn't. The one with the most votes would then be built in order to keep the island and it's citizens safe from other worlds. This is perfect because every citizen has the freedom to vote for what should happen in their own world and nothing is hidden from the people of the island. By: Benny Thank You For Listening To My Presentation My perfect world is a small paradise island off the coast of Hawaii, that's very unpopulated, peaceful and safe. Barely anyone knows about this pradise island, it's mostly sunny, it's an inclosed island with sky high reinforced cement walls. An island would be perfect because it wouldn't attract many attention and when it's off the coast of Hawaii, the perfect weather witch is sunny, would always appear. Cause everybody loves the sunny days and hates the devastating rainy days. Having a much smaller population is considered perfect because maintaining the peace and happiness is easier to manage. Sky high cement walls, would keep both intruders and their dangerous weapons out. And when barely anyone knows about this island, there would be less intruders to worry about. Then, the peacefulness and happiness would remain inside the walls of the paradise island and all the residents would remain safe and happy. In my perfect world, the perfect job for both male and females don't do jobs that their stereotypical gender is suppose to do. Both genders are freely to choose what ever job they choose to do and switch jobs when ever they want to. This is perfect because they would be happy that they get the freedom to choose their own job and their chose would make them happy. If jobs were given, some people may dislike their job and feel the paradise island would feel more of a demanding island. Males have all kinds of jobs that both stereotypical males and females do, for example, there's some males who are nurses and some that are construction workers. On the other hand, some females have jobs of being a truck driver and some that are assistants. This is considered perfect because there isn't any manly or girly job in my perfect world. In my perfect world, rules are basically laws. If you break them, you get punished. The punishment is simple, you get sent out of the perfect world. The reason being, is if the rule breakers were to ever return to the the perfect world, that person may influence more people to become rule breakers. If they aren't punished, they'll probably may do it again or brake more rules. Rule breakers make the world feel scared and unsafe. If people are scared they arn't happy and in my perfect world everybody must be happy. And to make them feel safe, is if the rule breakers were to be eliminated. Only mistakes such as, forgetting to do your homework, won't be a punishment but they're required to write,"I will always do my homework." one hundred times. Writing that they won't do something again, helps them remember quicker and inspire others so that mistakes wouldn't happen so often and the peace of people finishing their homework would be a constant. Lastly, Perfect Rules
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