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No description

Simon Taylor

on 6 February 2012

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Transcript of Gamification

What is it about Games that we love? Video Games are are more accessible and have let you
live those OMG moments But is there more to it than just
escapism? Games all have similar
mechanics, and mechanisms Our business both internally and externally has plenty of
opportunity to use game theory to improve engagement / understanding
and remove complexity from how we operate, and how our customers
interact with us... Some thoughts.... Reward and Replay Instant Feedback Games reward action, not planning.
Take action, and you get stars, coins or badges. Usually with a satisfying plink, plonk or pop Progress Tracking Game Mechanics Sometimes the achievements are more than just the standard
collecting thing from platform games of old... From the outset all games give you a set
of tasks that are achievable and demonstrate progress. The early tasks are often just training, but the reward encourages you to stick at the game and get better Loyalty / Rewards? Statements / Repayments? Reporting / Analytics? Applied Gaming Mechanics "What if we could apply this to the goals
tasks and user interfaces we deal with daily?" Examples of Gamification... In Games Examples of Gamification... In Industry 1 2 Examples of Gamification... In Finance 3 Definition: Adding gaming mechanics to goals and tasks See how many you can
spot in this video Instant Feedback
Progress tracking?
Rewards and badges
A dollop of awesomeness Did you see that?! When you complete a big task you get something special. The thing you have been working towards... Sometimes its a new character, ability, level, sometimes its money that you can spend on new abilities... The Science: What is Gamification? Thanks for Playing! Agility Improves in levels as you
collect orbs Assasins Creed has you live out DNA
memory sequences to show your progression Data entry, option changes, and repititive 'McJobs' are difficult to make exciting without a reward mechanism "Applying the concepts and elements of gaming, outside of the game itself - in enterprise" Why on earth would you want to use game elements in the very serious business of day to day life? Game mechanics are already motivating you Giving a simple actionable task, and a progress bar has the power to motivate you Progress Bars Status and Levelling Up The reward for increased salary, loyalty or spend is higher status. Something a brand can bestow Appointment Dynamic By achieving a goal (in this case - getting to the bar) within a certain time constraint you receive a reward - Games use the time constraint and time attack constantly You are already using Gamification! Arbitrary Points Systems Points make prizes, and can be downright useful.
These systems while effective tend to be a bit rubbish compared to games. Ha! Awesome Gamification 2.0 - Gamification that doesn't suck Excercise Using the Gamification mechanics
Instant Feedback
Reward and Replay
Develop concepts for TSYS Product or Internal
tools - We'll vote for the best and the winner gets
to show off their favourite Xbox game! So we already have games - how do we improve them and make them useful in the real world context? But not important enough to warrant a high salary, so what to do? Productivity Compliance User Generated Content Time Commitment Virality Games drive people to get more more deeply involved in the task, chasing the competition, points and the next 'epic win' This is the face of an Epic Win.... The reward mechanism is linked to a higher meaning or goal. Turning repitition into progression. Pointlessness into progress. Painful into fun Does this guy look like he is watching the clock or waiting for 5:30pm? Gamers care about the environment they game in, and will spot ways to
improve the game. By treating tasks as games, you can improve product Humans are a competitive bunch, high scores when shared across a network
are an incredible motivator and behaviour lever. School is essentially a game,
I go to a building and get grades. If I'm smart I do well. But there is no
progression!! What if I competed against people the same as me, won some,
lost some - but enjoyed the experience?! Key take aways
Gamification must create meaning or purpose
Gamification must reward accomplishment
Gamification must create a positive emotion "Games are unessasary obstacles that we volunteer to tackle" Golf doesn't have a purpose, neither does
football - but they are valid games that we find
incredibly rewarding "The opposite of 'play' isn't 'work'
it's 'depression' " "Work if correctly rewarded is more
fun than fun" Virtual Goods McDonalds have created an in game farm where users can buy special coffee that makes them move twice as fast - Oh and Zynga are valued at $4Bn... Old McDonald has a FarmVille Email Blaster! InBox Zero and the new Zen The email game works with any GMail or Microsoft Interchange server. You have to answer or archive all of your emails within the time limit or lose points Users are 'buying' coffee that they never actually drink! Emails are a huge time sink and get in the way of doing real work. This brings focus back to communication and can be set to meet your needs Deals / Groupon Facebook launched Deals in the USA on the 25th of April to compete with Groupon. Applying the time constraint, badges, rewards & replay to motivate people to spend locally Groupon's drop in revenue has been more than made up for by the uptake of LivingSocial. Game mechanics again motivating people and creating loyalty Lovemoney.com Meniga What was that german site? NEEDS IMAGES
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