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Week 8 Lesson 1: Explanation of CAT 2 and draft

No description

Liam Brooks

on 27 March 2017

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Transcript of Week 8 Lesson 1: Explanation of CAT 2 and draft

Week 8 Lesson 1: Explanation of CAT 2 and draft

Learning intention: students begin the drafting process for their upcoming assessment

Success criteria:

begin writing a rough plan for their short story using the planning material provided
complete a rough plan for their short story
begin writing a rough draft for their short story
The response must have a distinct orientation, complication(s), climax and resolution
The response should also draw on
ideas, themes, characters and structure
of one or more of the short stories read in class. Students will be required to write a written explanation to accompany their response, which explains this link.
the supernatural, myth/legend.


The damaging effect of racism, the importance of family, sacrifice.

Tuan, Sarah.

Narrative structure (story graph), diary entry, letter, narrative viewpoint (first person, second person, third person).
Goal for today:

Sort a rough plan focusing on ideas, themes, characters and structure.

Finish a story graph (as detailed as possible).
Getting started

1. Working individually.

2. Work through the steps in the worksheet.

3. We have the remainder of the period.
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