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Bahamas Prezi

No description

Devon Ross

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of Bahamas Prezi

Eleuthera, Bahamas
The Glass Wi
ndow Bridge
The Queens Baths
More Tourist Sights
Preachers Cave
Hatchet Bay Cave (the bat cave)
Gran Bahamas
Partial visit Nassau
Bahamian currency
Eleuthera Bahamas is a beautiful small Quiet Island with a lot of history character.

Dishes of Bahamas
coconut floating island
Lobster Rolls
Rice with peas
Sport of Bahamas
music and dance tournaments
Thanks for your attention
The glass window bridge is a bride that has the Carribean ocean on one side of it, and the Atlantic ocean on the other.
The Carabeen is known for its food. But the Bahamas is noutorious for it. Cracked conch Peas and rice, jerked chicken, you name it.
The Bahamian Currency is a Bahamian Doller, but you can also use American Dollers because they are worth the same
Harbour Island
Preachers cave was discoverd by Captain William Sayles in the 1600s. A placard in the cave that was written in the 1600s says that William was shipwrecked and found refuge in the cave.
Hatchet Bay Cave is a cave in a town called hatchet bay. Some say that the pirates lived there.The cave is filled with bats and old graffitti from the 1600's!

Grand Bahamas Island has many hotels, golf courses and a large shopping area, with its tranquil parks that are considered the best of the islands. Sandy beaches and crystal clear water is what attracts tourists.
Nassau is a coveted tourist destination for thousands of tourists for its climate and beautiful beaches
The Queens Baths is natural little pools in rock right by the Atlantic ocean.
how is there water in them? Since they are right next to the ocean, water from the ocean splashes into the pools and the sun heats it up. rain water also gets in them.
Harbour island is a beautiful tiny Island that you can access from Eleuthera by a 5 minute Water taxi ride. It is so small that you could walk the whole island in under an hour! Harbour Island is filled with little boutique shops, cute houses, restoraunts, and gorgous hotels. All of the beaches on the island have pink sand.
Daryl Hall lives on Harbour Island!
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