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20 Things About Me

No description

Kate V

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of 20 Things About Me

1.) I love
anime! Such as... And Here's a little
video from it. It's pretty old. It was made in 1977. I'm pretty tall... 2.) I'm only...
maybe 5''7''? I was tall
enough in Elementary
school to be given
the name
"Yellow Giraffe." I didn't
hate the name... I actually
it funny! 20 Things About Me, Kate. I like playing video games. 3.) Now I don't mean
those hardcore
shooting games
or anything like
that. I'm talking about the
simple, family friendly
games for the Nintendo Wii. Like... Evolution of mario Just to name a few... 4.) Anime-is a style of animation
originating in Japan,
characterized by colorful
graphics. (p.s. This was one
of my childhood cartoons.) 5.) This is me. I love to draw! I can play the piano. Though i would say I'm only average. I cant play like this guy. I can play this song, though i seriously doubt anyone's heard it before. Fairy Tail-Main theme (slow) Yiruma-River flows into you But I'm more interested in the anime kind of drawing. You know like, I'd say I'm only average. 6.) My Favorite Disney Movie It's either: Mulan-I'll make a man out of you Or Guess. If you guessed
both then your right! Lion KIng-Hakuna Matata Ding! Ding! Voltes v-Transformation I have a dog. 7.) He's a crossbreed.
Shih tzu + Jack Russell His name? Russell. cute right? His sister, Maku I think he has 4 siblings. But maku's the only one of his siblings I've met. instagram-Kitkate28 Don't be fooled by his looks... 8.) I'm really interested in Japan! It's where they build all their cool looking robots! It's where they make all their anime! I really want to visit the city there! I also want to do the traditional stuff there. You know like... Try living in a house like this one! or wear a kimono! Experience their festivals! Maybe i could even learn how to use a Katana! (Don't worry, I won't hurt anyone.) 9.) This should be PRETTY obvious. 10.) That may be nothing to you, but let me just point out. Most asian girls are short, I'm not. I was born in Doha, Qatar! ...where? HERE! bUT I'M NOT ACTUALLY ARABIC. I'm Filipino! If you haven't guessed by now, yes I'm asian. I thought it was pretty obvious. If you didn't catch that then you sure are slow. Thank you people who actually bothered to read it :) My favorite animal is the African elephant! 12.) The elephant?
Why the elephant? I mean there are so much cooler animals out there like, Zebras! Lions! Flamingos! Well first of all, Elephants are smart. and second of all, I've ridden an elephant before. It was awesome! Me six years ago. If you know what anime this came from I think your awesome! _ ai_ _
_ _ _ _ Hint : I feel like I've been talking about things i like. 14.) but i haven't mentioned what i don't like yet. well, let's see... I know this seems weird... 13.) But I really like Lightning storms. I saw one this year, but before that the last one I saw was four years ago. I don't find them scary at all. Sure it sounds scary, (to you at least) But I personally like how they look. And I barely see them so it makes me happy whenever I do. :) 20.) Did you know? I've actually got a another name. Kate is my second name. Guess what my first name is. M _ _ _ _ _ A S I don't like horror movies. I always daydream. 15.) Now I'm not the kind of girl who daydreams about getting married, having kids or any sappy stuff. I'm the kind of girl who dreams that she'll one day have some sort of mysterious power when she wakes up. Take this girl for example. Right now she's 90 percent likely dreaming about prince charming. (uhh...maybe not exactly super saiyan, but you know what I mean.) Now don't get me wrong. I'm not scared of watching horror movies. I would watch it with my friends if there was nothing else better to do. I just don't prefer them. Comedy > Horror Action > Horror Romance _ Horror Hmm, I think I'll just sleep. 16.) In elementary school, there was this song they'd make us dance to. I remember dancing to this song for the last time when leaving elementary. If you went to elementary school, some of you might know what song I'm talking about. If you remember this song, your elementary years were awesome! I love to read. 17.) My favorite genres are fantasy and action. Take these books for example. These books are actually both fantasy and action. They're good books, though I'm not satisfied with the third book. Let's just say, The ending...didn't feel complete. Though she might be making a fourth book. Who knows? There are four seasons in a year. 17.) Let's see...I don't really know what else to talk about, and I'm so close to finishing! hmm... The one I like the most? well, I like spring because of all the flowers that bloom. I like summer because you can go to the beach (Plus we can get away from school.) I like fall because of the weather and how the leaves change colors. I think it's a pretty sight when you walk through the woods in fall. Then there's winter. It may be cold, but everything looks so pretty when everything's covered in snow. But overall, I think fall is my favorite. :) 18.) I like stargazing. The stars look pretty when you look at them don't they? That's actually another reason why I like fall. Because the sun sets quicker so I can stargaze more. 19.) You may not believe it... But my favorite subject... math! How could you?!?!?!?! No really, I do like math. is... ummmm... It's easy. Really. to me at least. two actually! KATE _ _ I _ S Good Luck! Comment if you can guess! My mommy :)
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