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Numbers: The Chaos

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Transcript of Numbers: The Chaos

Conflict, Climax, Resolution Setting And Theme Plot Line Main Characters Numbers: The Chaos Adam is a fifteen year old with a quick temper and special but terrifying gifts. He can see one's death date (which he inherited from his mother) but also feel them. Throughout the story this ability proves to be much of a big help, although every time he encounters someones death, it makes him weak and tormented. Could this lead to a tragic demise for Adam or only make him stronger? One thing is though this talent can "scar him for life".
Sarah is also a fifteen year old, but things are a little different with her. For instance, she can see into the future by having dreams. At first she does not understand these "nightmares" as she calls or why she has had them until the day 01/01/2027. In her nightmare she is in the midst of chaos, people screaming, and burning buildings. Adam is in her dreams too and he takes her baby away from her, then walks into the fire. She had this dream before she met Adam, which is the reason their relationship started off with a rough start. Leave London Now!
Lot's of people will die!
Evacuate Now! This is not a drill! Peaceful Death Sara : 9/20/2075 This Book takes place in parts of Europe, mostly London, during the years 2026-2027. Although,the plot (or story-line) kind of throws you off because there are so many twists, turns, and surprises. The theme is basically very dark, gloomy, and sad. This is due to that fact that Adam only see's death when he looks into someones eyes. Setting The
End of
London! Resources !Warning! The main characters in this book are Adam and Sarah. It goes back and forth from their point of view and what they think about. I'd say it's as if theses two characters shared a journal together. But they seem to have problems with each other until a little bit to the end. By: Rachel Ward Escape London Now!
Save your life and your
Loved ones!! 1012027 01012027 Nelson (Adams friend) creates a warning transmission that reaches everyone's technical devices. This causes people in the city to flee and bring a light level of chaos because the government wants to keep the people in London. A man had passed away when trying to leave London.

Although this was the only way in which saved some people's lives and got them out of London before the REAL chaos started. Some other characters, such as: Adam's Nan, Nelson (Adam's friend), Vinny (who took in Sarah to give her a place to stay and help take care of her baby) Sarah's parents, and many more!! 01012027 01012027 Get your a** in that truck Adam!!!!!!! Don't @$&$ With The Police!!! I didn't do anything! Come See our New Movie.....

The End Of London!!!
Evacuate Now! Come on Sarah. Let's leave this twisted city. About The (main) Characters Beginning Middle Ending At the beginning of the book, Adam and his nan are being forced out of their due to flooding home which really upsets Adam. To him, the house was all he had left of his mother. Sadly he and his Nan are forced out by soldiers and head to London. They arrive at the transit center. Trouble stirs as he tries to get food for him and his Nan. Once he gets the food, he looks into the mans eyes (who he got the food from) and it startles him. His death is almost here, the day 01/01/2027 like most other deaths he encounters. Now Adam starts school. This was not a good look for him. He gets into a fight with a kid named Junior. Once Adam looks into Juniors eyes, that all changes. Junior will in a few months on the date 12/06/2026.
During Adams first day at school, he has his first encounters with Sarah. This does not go well due to the fact that Sarah has already seen Adam in her nightmares for years. When she saw his face she went ballistic! Screaming running, and kicking things, Sarah ends up making a fool of herself.
Once Sarah and Adam meet again, they end up having to be partners for am art project and forced to draw each other. But Adam doesn't realize that this would be one of the last times he is able to see Sarah. Sarah runs away after realizing that her nightmares are coming together peace by peace. Adam is real, she doesn't know how far she is in her pregnancy, London's government isn't trustworthy, and she can't bare what happens to her at night anymore. During the process of escaping, she meets this girl named
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