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How to make a secure password

No description

Charlotte Middleton

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of How to make a secure password

How to make a secure password
To have a secure and stable account online, you need a safe password to lock it.
This power point can show you:
* What a secure password needs
* The top most used passwords
* And lots more e safety tips

What a secure password should include

Top twenty most used passwords
Lots of people tell their best friend their passwords, this could result in nothing negative at all, however do you really know your bezzie?

Don't tell anyone your passwords, write them somewhere no one can access in the rare occasion that you forget them.
Also, don't write harsh or offensive texts on the site that culd lead to someone atempting to hack in to your account.
Friend or foe?
Does it include...
capital letters
lower case letters

Is it...
your birthday
your hobby
your pet or best friends name

Test you top password
Does it include...
If you chose yes for 3 your password is safe
If you chose yes for two your password is ok
If you chose yes for no boxes your password is very safe
Is your password safe results
Maybe you should go change some of you passwords?
Password Promblems
Varied type of text e.g. numbers, capitals
Use something unexpected e.g. not your favorite band that everyone knows you love
Something long and hard to guess, at least 8 characters
Don't use the same password for everything
Is it...

If you chose yes for any of these your password is ok as long as there is another type of text e.g. a number or :) at the end
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