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Greek Theater

What did the ancient Greeks contribute to theater?

Christine Gardella

on 9 April 2010

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Transcript of Greek Theater

496 BC- 406BC became a treasurer for the imperial
league of Greece and
a general in the Athenian army Sophocles Athenian playwright added a third actor to the team
allowed for triangular scenes/dialogues
won first prizes no less than 24 times
and if he didn't come in first,
he came in second. Ajax
Oedipus Rex
Oedipus at Colonnus
intellectual revolution critical reevaluation of accepted traditions and standards Theater was NOT:

“A place of daily or nightly resort and entertainment.”

“a place where ingenious story-teller[s] could make a living…”

“a place in which to hold the mirror up to life in all its superficial and ephemeral detail.” Festival of Dionysus Chorus Voice of the community

Wisdom of age

Provides audience with background and summary

Sings and dances in the orchestra
Rule of Unity time-place-action Prologue
Drama Terms to Know Oedipus Rex
(Oedipus the King)

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