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Koyo Jeans

No description

Benoite Bernice Aneno

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Koyo Jeans

Koyo Jeans
External business environment of Hong Kong
Hong Kong is one of the Special Regions of the People’s Republic of China.
Hong Kong dollar and US dollar is freely converted
Hong Kong has a free port – no custom tariffs on imports or exports.
Clothing industry 3rd largest manufacturing industry in Hong Kong

VP - Marketing
External Micro Environment Hong Kong
Threat of new entrants:
Many of upcoming designers in Hong Kong

Bargaining power of suppliers:
Hong Kong clothing manufacturers have set up production factories in different countries

Threat of substitutes:
US and Europe have outsource from developing countries such as India and Bangladesh for exports making Hong Kong very competitive. So Hong Kong have reallocated to those developing countries for their low-end products

Rivalry among competitors:
Attention to the market so establish foreign brands are bringing in their flagships to Hong Kong

External Macro Environment Hong Kong
External micro enviornment of China
-diverse number of brands “Heavy shoppers of Brand A are likely also the heavy shoppers of Brand B”
rise in costs

cultural roots & traditions
-GUCCI; Strong local management,
effective pricing strategy, Targeted merchandising strategy,
online shopping
New Entrants:
Market restrictions
External Macro Environment China
Exchanging technology

US$10 billion 2009 – US$27billion 2015
30% of market growth

brand to fit consumer

Consumers comfortable with Ecommerce
consumers cautious

Global Fashion trends
opaque & inconsistent
intellectual property rights

External analsis of Koyo Jeans - China
Fashion industry:
Zhongshan suit > modernization > largest fashion market
320 designers & 350 fashion brands
Koyo Jeans
By Benoite, Bollie, Shivana and Yashwini
Who are Koyo Jeans?
External Analysis: China, Hong Kong and Singapore
Internal Analysis: Value Chain Analysis
- SWOT Analysis

Who are Koyo Jeans
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