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"Lather and nothing else"

Short Story Project 20-1

Alex Torres

on 12 July 2011

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Transcript of "Lather and nothing else"

Lather and Nothing Else Hernando Tellez Setting:
In the middle of the street in a car durring the summer A short story by: Alex Torres By: Characters Setting... The story takes place in a barber shop during a normal everyday afernoon. The Barber (narrator) protagonist - main character of the story.
is referred to a "flat" character.
Coward: does not want to kill the captain.
Heroic - does not kill him, as its harder than it seems, giving him an internal conflict. Captain Torres Antagonist
is described as a "static" character
In a negative way, he could be a dynamic character because he is a murderer.
Captain of the military forces. Introduction Captain Torres walks into the Barber Shop to get his beared shaved off. Initial Incident The barber recognized Captain Torres and he started to tremble as he knows they are both enemies. Rising Action The barber struggles, and debates if he should kill the Captain or not during his shave. Climax After thinking of all the possible outcomes of murdering the captain, the barber decides to not kill him as he is a barber not a murderer. Falling Action Captain Torres is done with his shave, he pays the barber, and is ready to leave. Resolution Captain Torres tells the barber his motive for coming. Not just for a shave but because he heared the barber would kill him. Conflicts ...Man vs. himself The barber vs himself The barber struggles inside trying to balance out the two sides whether or not he decides to kill the Captain. Man vs Man ...The barber vs Captain Torres The barber is a revolutionary and Captain Torres is the captain of the military forces. Internal Conflict External Conflict Mood Fear The barber showed fear throughout the story while he is struggling with his dilemma. He has fear from the consequences that could happen if he killed the captain. Significant Quotes "It was going to be very hard, then, to explain that I had him in my hands and I let him go, peacefully, alive, and clean-shaven." It comes to a turning point where the barber has to make a decision, where there is no turning back. He still has a struggle, but ends up making the right decision. The Barber - pg. 345 The barber has the courage and bravery to not kill Captain Torres, as he does believe in morals, making him not a murderer. "But I don't want to be a murderer; no, sir" The Barber - pg.346 “They told me that you’d kill me. I came to find out. But killing isn’t easy. You can take my word for it” Captain Torres - pg.346 Not only that the barber felt struggle in being a murderer, but so does the captain when he kills all those people in the past as it's not easy for the captain to be a murderer. The short story “Lather and Nothing Else” by Hernando Tellez, suggests the idea of balancing choices, from what are pros and what are the cons. Point of View 1st Person Narrative "I was stropping my best razor and when I recognized him, I started to shake."
- The Barber.
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