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Rigor & Relevance Example Lesson Plan

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Kristie Atkins

on 3 August 2014

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Transcript of Rigor & Relevance Example Lesson Plan

The Big Ideas (RELEVANCE)!
*The students will make conjectures about our essential question (How does severe weather
affect us
Text Evidence
the Story
How does severe weather affect us?
Rigor & Relevance:
Example Lesson Plan

What was I supposed to

Why do I think the author
included that information?
The Product

My Example:
<iframe frameborder="0" style="width: 1000px; height: 741px;" src="https://www.movenote.com/v/wXoeOrUOor3fu?integration=embed&scale=100"></iframe>
5 W Question Wheel (lower levels of Blooms)-During Reading
Bloom's: Evaluation (Deciding what's important)
Bloom's: Synthesis (Creating product that showcases findings)
Stick Pick-Higher Level Questioning-After Reading

EXPLORE TIME: Play around with Stick Pick.

How could YOU use this to work on incorporating more higher-level questioning into your classroom?

Play around with Educreations, Movenote, or Knowmia.

How could you use these apps to increase Rigor and Relavance in your classroom?
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