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Endangered Animal Presentation *Panda Bears*


Kaitlyn Myles

on 9 May 2013

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Transcript of Endangered Animal Presentation *Panda Bears*

What is Pandas habitat like? Where in the world do you find this animal in its natural habitat? Why are Pandas endangered?
How many of these species are left in the world? Panda Bears! Presented by: Kaitlyn Myles What does your animal look like as an adult? Adult Pandas weigh as much as 330 lb. What do pandas look like when its born? How many babies does the female panda carry? How long does it take babies to mature into adulthood? Panda cubs develop slowly, which makes them very vulnerable. Like many newborn animals,baby pandas are blind,helpless and tiny -about the size of a rat- and they can't walk for the first 4 months. What do Panda Bears eat?
How do Pandas interact with their own species? Pandas normally only eat bamboo. They eat up to 85 pounds of bamboo each and everyday. That's almost a third of their body weight! . Due: May 8th 2013 Pandas are endangered because humans leveled whole bamboo forests to make room for homes and farms. About 1600 pandas are left in the wild with Around 150 pandas in zoos around the world Panda bears live in temperate-zone bamboo forests in central China The mother can carry up to 2 babies but sadly can only care for 1 so usually the other baby dies. After a year pandas are able to defend themselves. It takes 3 years for pandas to be fully grown and completely independent. Pandas normally don't interact with other pandas. What is your animals habitat? How do they spend most of their time? When bamboo is gone in one area they move to a new area. Pandas spend most of their time eating because bamboo doesn't give them a whole lot of energy so they have to eat more bamboo to get energy. What can we do to help your animal to not be endangered? We can STOP cutting down bamboo forests! WORK CITED:
Where Have All The Padnas Gone? Questions and Answers about Endangered Species. BY: Melvin Berger. Up to 6 feet long On all four legs they are 2 to 3 ft. tall. Black and white fur Handle with Care BY:Philippa Werry
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