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Convergent Evolution

No description

Natalie Games

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of Convergent Evolution

Convergent Evolution Natalie Games Are these animals related? What about these? No, They are not.
This is Convergent Evolution. •Unrelated organisms independently evolve similar traits.

•Adapt to similar environments or ecological niches. Sometimes competing for the same niche in the same environment.
Sometimes filling the same niche
in different environments. Is this a wolf? A tiger? A hyena? None of the above.

This is the Thylacine, AKA Tasmanian Tiger.

• Now extinct.
•Related to koalas and kangaroos. Echidna Porcupine Hedgehog Wild Boar Tapir Dolphin (Mammal) & Shark (Fish) Tasmanian Devil
(marsupial) Wolverine
(placental) Unrelated animals in different parts
of the world, that look and act alike.
This is convergent evolution. Penguins
Southern Hemisphere Puffins
Northern Hemisphere
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