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Exit Interviews! By: Kassandra, Dalveen, Lyba, Arundhati

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lyba chaudhry

on 12 June 2013

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Transcript of Exit Interviews! By: Kassandra, Dalveen, Lyba, Arundhati

Math-Poverty by Distribution
The Poverty of Distribution
Education: (Comparison)
-8% of Aboriginals completed a university degree, while 28% of all Canadians did.
-68%of Aboriginal youth were in school, compared to 83% of non-Aboriginal youth
-Momentarily there are 502 schools on reserve, only 8 are under First Nations

-Shelter is an important aspect seeing that only 56.9% were suitable for living in 1999
-They are living in portables
-Many go without the resources/money to raise standards on living out of third-world conditions
Grade .8
Health Care:

-Many spreading diseases were experienced by the First Nations
-Aboriginals were dominated by racism & discrimination
-Quality health care is disabled for Canadian Aboriginals
-Through history, Aboriginal people's civil and political rights were restricted; another form of racism
-Right to vote denial was changed in 1996
-Aboriginal people looking to fight for the right to have their beliefs & values at care of the government
Hmm...? The Poverty of Distribution? Let's check it out!
By: Dalveen, Arundhati, Lyba, Kassandra
2.Write an algebraic equation to describe the relationship. First select two variables, one to represent the each of the categories. Then use your last answer to create and algebraic equation to show the pattern.
3.The World Food Programme has done more research and suggests that the number of kids who will die each year from hunger-related diseases is 14 million. Calculate how many kids that means per day, per hour, and per minute.
4.Why do you think there isn't a big global outcry at the number of people dying of hunger? Think of the number that died September 11th and the outrage that it caused.
5a. If you and your family lived in abject poverty, why is it possibly in your interest to have a larger family? Isn't it counter intuitive?

b.Use the table to create a counter argument to the idea that poverty and hunger is a problem caused by having too many babies
1.#of hours: 6,12,18,24
#of (p) dying: 2400, 4800, 7200, 9600
Explain the relationship between the number of hours and the number of people who die from hunger.
Are there second class citizens in Canada?
Exit Interview
YES, there are second class Citizens in Canada which are the Aboriginals.
Let's get started!
Let's check
it out
French PSA
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