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Alondra Realeno Fahbriana Crapps

No description

lib hist

on 12 September 2014

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Transcript of Alondra Realeno Fahbriana Crapps

Hanson Story: Tshoniln,org/handbook/online.articles/fhapv
After he received his Medal of Honor
he had bracelet that said his 6 fallen brothers name and said " Those are M heroes".
he went to open enemy fire, to his friends
eyes were the smallest tree made White help his friend with his wounds.
volunteered to protect his company who was fiercely attacked while in defensive positions on two hills. Killing 22 Enemies
Medal of Honor
Kyle J. White
Alondra Realeno
body was found With his machine gun in front of him, his ammunition expended, his empty pistol in his right have and a machete with blood on the blade in his left. 22 dead around his position.
Fahbriana Crapps
Jack G. Hanson
White helped many of his war mates' life.
He helped many by applying bandages
to some wounds and even giving up his belt
to save a wound that could have killed his friend.
When walking back to a camp, his team was hit with enemy fire. They all tried to hide but the area was very open. He went in open enemy fire three times to save his friend's lives.
Company was Fiercely attacked. he stayed to protect the withdraw knowing they may do a counterattack.
was the final gunman protecting the withdraw. His assistant gunner was injured along with 3 other riflemen.
White's story:http://www.army.mil/medalofhonor/white/profile/index.html
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