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WWF - World Wildlife Fund

No description

Vikram Arora

on 30 September 2014

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Transcript of WWF - World Wildlife Fund

WWF - World Wildlife Fund
Vikram Arora

-WWF is an organization that protects the environment and all the animals living in it
-WWF's mission is to stop the degradation of our planet's natural environment
-They want to shape a future in which humans live in peace in their environment with the animals
-They make sure that earth's web of life,
stays healthy for the years to come
-They make sure that when people go into a forest they don't leave footprints
What is the WWF?
-The WWF works around the world to save animals
Where does WWF work?
-WWF organized and sponsored the shoreline cleanup we did last year
-So, almost all of you helped with the WWF already!
-We can still help by adopting an animal
-When we adopt an animal they get good care and proper food
-Lots of people are going to adopt an animal so please try to bring in money to support the animals
How can we help with WWF's cause?
-The WWF has taught us to make a better impact and choices on the environment
-They helped saved the African Elephant, Mountain Gorilla, and Rhinos
-People adopted these animals through the WWF and they helped saved them from extinction
What kind of impact has the WWF had?
What cause is WWF fighting for?
-WWF is fighting for hundreds of different animals right now but the main ones are Tigers, Polar Bears, Orangutans, Marine Turtles, and Pandas
-There are only about 3 200 tigers in the wild today
-Tigers are very vulnerable to extinction
-WWF has set a goal of Tx2(Tigers times two of population) by 2022 (The year of the Tiger)
Polar Bears
-The Polar Bears spend most of their time in the Arctic on the ice
-The climate change melts the ice which the Polar Bear needs to survive
-The WWF aims to preserve the rich biodiversity of the Polar Bear
-They work to protect the "Last Ice Area" that is in Canada and Greenland
-The Orangutans number has been decreasing since the last century
-Last century there were about 230 000
-Now there are about 41 000 in the wild
-The WWF has been working on the Orangutan conservation since the 1970s
-We can help by conserving the Orangutan's habitat
Marine Turtles
-Almost all of the species of the Marine Turtles are endangered
-A lot of people hunt, poach, and destroy Marine Turtles
-We can help by not littering in the water
-Pandas are crucial in the bamboo forests where they spread bamboo seeds that grow more bamboo trees for other animals
-When hunters hunt in the panda's habitat they sometimes kill pandas by mistake
-WWF continues to monitor the panda and research why they are endangered
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