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Christmas Cookies

No description

Shawna Hanson

on 10 December 2014

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Transcript of Christmas Cookies

Spritz Cookies
Every year at Christmas, my mom, sisters, and I make spritz cookies together. Spritz cookies are made from buttery cookie dough that is squeezed out of a cookie press and baked. They usually have sprinkles and are in Christmas shapes.
How it has stayed the same
My family still has spritz cookies at every Christmas. They are a major part of our dessert table and are in a variety of colors. Sometimes we still use food coloring in the cookie dough.
Why this is important to me
As my family has gotten older is it harder and harder to get together before Christmas to make the cookies together. Now, my sister-in-law will make the cookies and bring them to our Christmas. I sometimes miss the time when my sisters and I were the ones who made the cookies together.
This tradition is important to me because it was always a time when my family was all together. It was fun to make the spritz and all the other different types of Christmas cookies. Family is very important to me and this was just one way we were able to have fun being in each other's company.
Christmas Cookies
This is the cookie press that is used to make the cookies.
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