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GE Healthcare - Tech Symp - Vaatsalya Story

No description

ashwin naik

on 22 July 2014

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Transcript of GE Healthcare - Tech Symp - Vaatsalya Story

Our Story
Happy Customers
San Francisco
True Friends
(cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr
(cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr
(cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr
(cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr
Big Challenges

Doctors Availability

Real Estate Availability

Scaling up


one every
15 seconds
Focus on Secondary and Primary Care

Each hospital designed to cater to 70% of local population’s healthcare needs

Core Services – Mother and Child Care, General Surgery and Internal Medicine

70 beds in each hospital with diagnostics and pharmacy integrated
Creating increased access to health services

Focus on Semi-urban and Rural Areas

Located in towns of population ~ 200k

Reverse brain drain to semi-urban areas (Nurses & Doctors)

Annual capacity (Mar’13) – Approx ½ Million customers / annum & 50000 admissions
Largest Network of hospitals
in Tier II and Tier III towns
Friend 1 Friend x Friend x
Friend 2 Friend x Friend x
Friend 3 Friend x Friend x
Friend 4 Friend x Friend x
Friend 5 Friend x Friend x
Friend x Friend x Friend x
Friend x Friend x Friend x
Friend x Friend x Friend x
Friend x Friend x Friend x
Friend x Friend x Friend x
Friend x Friend x Friend x
45-50% of our customers from surrounding villages
When you hit a roadblock
Look for micro successes
Blow them up
Signs of Social acceptance
Auto stand named after the hospital
Identify easy wins
Build models which can act as anchors
Find opportunities to replicate quickly
Expect the unexpected
Take some risks
Stretch your team
95% Customers Out of Pocket
Insurance = State + Private
Recruit doctors with local roots
Leverage existing resources - Nursing homes
Use accreditation to drive standardisation
How do you replicate the same spirit across geographies and towns
What next?

4-5 states over 3 years

40-50 hospitals

Thank You
In 2009
126 million domestic trips for medical purposes,
8% of all overnight trips from small towns to urban areas - health related
3/4 of this is direct medical expense, 1/4 travel and stay
Add 50% more loss of wages / opportunity cost
23,000 crores
When you hit a roadblock
Look for micro successes
Blow them up
15 Hospitals & Growing
1300+ employees
600+ doctors (100 full time)
700+ nurses


5 kids named "Vaatsalya", one house &
4 auto rickshaw stands!
WHat makes us unique & What will keep us unique
First mover in small towns

Low cost model

Focus on 5 specialties

Neighborhood hospital model

Personal care of individual doctor, efficiency of a network
Mad about service

We are obsessed with feedback
- At admission
- At discharge
- Post discharge

Community engagement
- Be willing to say no, but open to change
- Expect things to get worse, so be very very frugal
- Dont hesitate to take risks, but dont bet the farm
When you hit a roadblock, Look for bright spots
Identify easy wins, find anchors to replicate
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