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Pre-Calculus Shipwreck Murder

No description

Lauren Thomas

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Pre-Calculus Shipwreck Murder

Investigated and Solved By
Almira Stirrup and Lauren Thomas Poor Jane Doe... Murder, Mystery, and Math The Four Suspects (with time of murder at about 10:58 am) OH NO! The Murder Strikes Again! ~The Motive: Lawton wanted to be the smartest person on the whole island. He felt that if he killed Jane Doe and Mr. Gloade then the other students would have to worship him as the smartest person on the island. To figure out who murdered Jane Doe we had to do some calculations.


Jane's body was 96.1 degrees at 1 pm and 91.7 degrees at 2 pm, and the air temperature was 71.6 degrees all day.


t=-121.36, so the time of death for Jane was around 10:58 am -Lawton: near crime scene at 10:30

-Sydney O.: with Lawton near crime scene

-Kyle: near crime scene at 11:00

-Tori: with Kyle near crime scene THE KILLER!! Shipwreck Murder: And then there were 18...
The tragic story of 3rd period Pre-Cal Class Coffee Experiment Graph-
Exponential Equation of:
y=126.513*0.9916^x In a tragic turn of events, Mr. Gloade has been murdered. Once again we use our coffee skills to try and catch this murderer once and for all!
Mr. Gloade's body was 93.1 degrees at 9:46 am, and air temperature was 80 degrees.



t=-41.55, so the time of death for Mr. Gloade was around 9:04 am He was hiking from 9:30 until the screams were heard, and the other suspects had alibis at 9:04 am but him. ~After finding her dead by the side of the path, we determined that Jane's body was 96.1 degrees at 1 pm and 91.7 degrees at 2 pm, and the air temperature was 71.6 degrees. Using a "cup of joe" We determined the rate at which the body would cool. This then allowed us to determine who our suspects were because we would know the time of death.
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