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TOK Presentation : How does the Media

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Judy Zhu

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of TOK Presentation : How does the Media


* Objectifies both genders to gain money
* Gives impression of "the perfect body"
* Spreads info rapidly (bad and good)
* Degree of influence depends on the
availability and pervasiveness of media

How does the media influence younger audiences?
*Manipulates people

How does the media affect
older generations?
Benefits of Media
Advertisement Strategies
"Blow some my way" Tipalet advertisement
*Stanford research experiment
Real Life Situation
of Media's Influence
Media Timeline
Negative Effects of Media

To what extent does social media influence audiences?
it's used to affect its audience
social media influence life offline?

To what extent does
How is emotion used to influence social media?
How is language used by social media to manipulate audiences?
What is Social Media?
* is the easiest, fastest, and most explosive way to transmit and receive information
*75 % more likely to spend money on music
*47 % of people who use social media are more likely to spend money on clothing, shoes, and accessories

*the many voices of social media
*language in marketing
*evolving language
*the emotion of anger spreads faster on social networks than any other emotion.
*social entrepreneurs try to capture people's emotions
*over reliance on social media may be damaging to the human psyche.
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