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The Red Hunting Hat

This prezi is about the red hunting hat

Tommy Fitzgeral

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of The Red Hunting Hat

Holden's hat is red Holden has realized that his hunting
hat is not going to keep him young
forever. He has grown a lot throughout
the book, and one of the main things
that has changed about Holden is that
he has actually grown up. He shows
this by giving away his red hunting hat, something that he used to stay young.
However, he gave it to his little sister Phoebe, in hopes that it will at least keep her young for a long time.
"Then I took my hunting hat out of my coat pocket and gave it to her."(pg. 233) Holden growing up Holden especially likes his red hunting hat because
it is red. Red is a color that represent many things in
Holden's life. One of the important things red
represents is the color of Holden's passed brother,
Allie. Holden misses Allie a lot, and by wearing the
red hunting hat, he feels as if he has Allie with
him, and he feels safe.
"People with red hair are supposed to get mad
very easily, but Allie never did, and he had
very red hair."(pg. 50) Holden's hat keeps him young The hunting hat keeps Holden Comfortable Holden originally got the red hunting hat at a store after
he had failed his job as manager of the fencing team. He
needed a way to feel comfortable after failing so many
people, and being made fun of. Not only does the hunting
hat keep Holden's emotions in line, but also in the worst
situations, Holden is kept comfortable due to his hat.
When Holden is walking on the cold streets of New York,
he needs something to help him in the situation. He puts
on his red hunting hat, and although he is still cold,
the hat gives him a more comfortable feeling.
"I saw it in the window of this sport store when we got out of the subway"(pg. 24)
"The way I wore it, I swung the old peak way around to
the back - very corny, I'll admit, but I liked it that
way."(pg. 24) Holden uses the
red hunting hat
as a form of
protection. One of Holden's biggest fears is growing up. He does not considers himself an adult, and he tries to avoid growing up as much as possible. Whether or not Holden thinks that the red hat will stop him from growing up or just slow down the process, he thinks it will at least protect him from adult life.
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