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United World College (UWC)

No description

Mohamed Amine Belarbi

on 16 December 2011

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Transcript of United World College (UWC)

United World College (UWC) Mission and values Colleges and schools History Life in the UWC UWC makes education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future UWC believes that to achieve peace and a sustainable future, the values it promotes are crucial

International and intercultural understanding
Celebration of difference
Personal responsibility and integrity
Mutual responsibility and respect
Compassion and service
Respect for the environment
A sense of idealism
Personal challenge
Action and personal example UWC has 13 colleges and schools across five continents all with distinctive characters but sharing the same mission, ethos and values. At most schools and colleges, an average of 70 different nationalities are represented at any one time, and embracing the many nationalities present is an important feature of UWC life, helping students to explore and develop an international appreciation. Academic achievements are put into perspective with a demanding mix of community engagement, international affairs, physical activities and creative pursuits. Hahn believed that much could be done to overcome religious, cultural and racial misunderstanding and avoid conflict if young people from all over the world could be brought together. It was felt that students aged 16 to 18 would be grounded in their own cultures but still impressionable enough to learn from each other. Academics Each UWC experience will be unique – your personality, background, college, friends and career choices will all impact on it. The highs and lows, intense friendships, critical thought and passion do not end with graduation.
UWC becomes a part of you. Students at the college are eligible, after graduation, to participate in the Shelby Davis Scholarship programme, which funds undergraduate study (based on need) for UWC students at 76 universities in the United States. Focus on the environment
Coral monitoring, recycling, biodiversity conservation.

Focus on the community
Literacy and tutoring, lifeboat service, refugee support.

Focus on the campus
Library service, first aid, estate management. Living on campus is a significant part of the UWC experience for many UWC students. Community service is a vital part of the UWC education at every UWC school and college. All UWC schools and colleges offer two years of pre-university education (with the exception of the Simón Bolívar United World College of Agriculture in Venezuela which offers an agricultural diploma). After these two years all UWC graduates are holders of the International Baccalaureate Diploma, a prestigious high school diploma recognized worldwide. The CAS (Creativity, Action, Service) programme - one of the requirements of the IB Diploma - is an integral part of UWC system. At most UWC schools and colleges, CAS is merely a part of routine college life. Choose your own subjects from a wide variety of choices 6 to 7 subjects IB Diploma What makes those UWC's a special place to be:
A rigorous academic programme
A locally based social responsibility programme
A multi-cultural environment But also... a lot of FUN! Parties and shows Cultural events Birthdays Prank Trips and outside campus ceremonies Religious and cultural customs and more... Application
Process First Round: Pre-Selection based on written application 2 Round: Selection Day Place : Hotel Barcelo / Casablanca
Morning : Oral Presentation + Discussion
Afternoon : Written exam (part of SAT)
_________________Written exam (General Culture)
__________Interviews (You better read the News) And then hopefully the good news ;) Midnight Birthdays The UWC concept was conceived in the 1950s at the height of the Cold War. It was a bold plan, the realisation of German educationalist Kurt Hahn Nobel Peace Prize EU Conference Rafto Symposium Eid Santa Lucia Christmas RCNUWC students
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