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Penelope Cruz

No description

Alexis Johnson

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz is said to have set the pathway for other spanish actresses who has the same dream as her.
Penelope Cruz role model is Meryl Streep. She admires her as a female actress.
Background Info
Cruz was born on April 28, 1974 in Alcobendas, Madrid, Spain. She is currently married to Javier Bardem and has 2 children.
Early Life
Her parents Encarna Sánchez,was a hairdresser and personal manager, and Eduardo Cruz, a retailer and auto mechanic raised Cruz Roman Catholic. She focused on dance for 9 years and was a compulsive performer. Loved to re-enact commercials for family entertainment
Penelope Cruz is a spanish actress . Acting was not always her dream. Early on in life Penelope has a passion for dance, but soon after fell in love with watching movies and the concept of acting.
Penelope Cruz
"You cannot live your life looking at yourself from someone else point of view"

Madrid, Spain
Penelope Cruz attended school at Spains National Conservatory
Penelope faced challenges when it came to playing roles of different ethnicities. Strengths would be acting and ballet dancing. Singing is a weakness that Cruz claims.
She is best known for her movies Hi-Lo ,All the Pretty Horses, and he role in Pirates of the Caribbean. Also won a Grammy and a Spanish Academy Award.
Interesting Facts
1.She peeled off her toenails as a teen b/c they were so damaged from dancing
2. She has been sawed in half twice in her life but a magician
3.Became a vegetarian after shooting her movie "All the Pretty Horses"
Se llama Penelope Cruz Sanchez

Es de Alcobendas, Madrid, Spain

Le gusta bailar y funcion

Puede bailar, funcion, y comer!

Quiere continuar nacia funcion

Va a funcion, el es la pasion

Tien dos hermanos

Penelope Cruz es famosa de sus papeles en tales peliculas como cielo de la Vainilla Mandolina del Captain Corelli y Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Su cumpleanos es el vientiocho de Abril
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