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Comprehension Focus for Read180

Main idea and Details

Matt Boyle

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of Comprehension Focus for Read180

Main Idea and Details Detail #1 The census counts Americans. There are 281,421,906 Detail #2 The census sends forms
and workers to millions of homes. Detail #3 The census helps us understand immigration trends. Main Idea and Details Detail #1 Detail #2 Detail #3 Question 1 - What does the census count? Question 2 - How does the census work? Question 3 - What else does the census The U.S. Census Main Idea Main Idea Question - Who came to America Before 1965? Question - Who came to America after 1965. Question - How have immigrants shaped American culture? The New Immigrants A Growing Group The US Census birthplaces, first languages, and jobs. The census counts count? 27.7 percent are Latino immigrants. In 1990 Latinos made up 9 percent of all Americans Politicians give speeches in Spanish to get their votes. Latino immigrants are the biggest group of immigrants today.
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