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Teacher Laura's Portfolio

laura young

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Portfolio

Teacher Laura ESL Toolkit Environment Planning Instruction Extras Credentials Co-Teaching Co-Teaching in Action:
Jill and Laura: 2nd grade Students were working on writing the directions to familiar card games, as part of our How-To (instructional) Writing Unit.
In this mini-lesson, we wanted to focus on two things:
The importance of suffixes in conveying meaning
The importance of rereading/testing your instructions
We wrote our game directions without the plural ‘s’ on chart paper Co-Teaching in Action:
Jill and Laura: 2nd grade Co-Planning Practices & Strategies Reflection and consultation
Positives and negatives of lessons in relation to student learning
Looking at unit as a whole and troubleshooting
Individual lesson planning
Discussion of individual student needs/assessment
Best-practice/standards/research ideas brought into lesson planning discourse
Collaborative selection of future instruction

Ex. Word Wall Words Unit Co-Planning Practices & Strategies Co-Planning Practices & Strategies Development of activities, materials, and assessment
Adaptations and modifications for ELLs
Consistent and compatible practices
Organization and logistics
Joint schedules
Thoughtful and equitable division of labor
Collaborative decisions about:
What is being taught
When it is being taught
By whom it is being taught Mayuko Iwaki Perkins, Kathleen Brody, Jill Benowitz, Laura Young, Sarah Arva Grosik How can ESL and Mainstream Classroom Teachers Effectively Co-teach? TESOL Conference
March 31, 2012 Folk Arts-Cultural Treasures Charter School (FACTS) Multi-ethnic, tuition-free public K-8 charter school
Founded in 2005
Located in Chinatown
Serves over 400 students from neighborhoods throughout the city
Student Demographics: 70% Asian, 21% Black (non-Hispanic), 4% Hispanic, 4% Multicultural, & 1% White
Approximately 25% of the school’s total student population are ELLs The Workshop Model Based on the work of The Reading and Writing Project at Teachers College

Independent reading or writing that includes:
Students reading self-selected books or writing about self-selected topics
Individual conferences between teacher and student
Small group instruction
Partner work
Book Clubs
Writing about reading
Share And in my spare time. . . .
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