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How to text in class

Teach peeps how to text in class and get away with it

Maddi Cillay

on 6 June 2011

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Transcript of How to text in class

HOW TO TEXT IN CLASS And Get Away With It FIRST STEP 2. When you enter your first class, make sure the teacher can't see that you have your phone with you. Second step 1. Before you go into class, check and see what ringer is set. If it's loud, turn it on vibrate or silent, whichever you prefer Third Step 3. Once you are in the class, try to find a seat near the back so you are away from the teacher. Fourth Step 4. Place your backpack next to you and open incase the teacher sees you so you can casually drop your phone into you backpack. Fifth Step 5. After you are all setup, put your phone under the edge of the table...Or if you want you can place a book on your desk so it creates a barrier. Sixth Step 6. During your text, try to look up when you think the teacher is looking at you. Or, if you know your keyboard well, try to text without even looking at the phone. Seventh Step Once you have finished
your text, put your phone away so you wont be holding it and have the teacher see it. Eighth Step 8. Once you get a text back, "accidently" drop one of your pens or papers and reach down to pick it up. Make sure you get behind the table where the teacher cant see you so you can easily tak out your phone. Ninth Step 9. Once you have gotten your phone again, place it in different places so you dont do the same thing every time. Tenth Step 10. After you are done with sending and recieving a text, repeat all 9 steps until the conversation/class is over. THE END... (:
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