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Introduction to Mathematics IA - Y13

IB Internal Assessment for Math HL and SL students

Alex Ward

on 23 October 2015

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Transcript of Introduction to Mathematics IA - Y13

Maths IA
Skills and Strategies
you will be required to employ
Choosing a Topic
Mathematical Presentation
Identifying an appropriate topic and ensuring that the topic lends itself to a concise exploration
Planning and Developing the topic
Devising a focus/rationale that is well defined and appropriate
Expressing ideas clearly
Identifying a clear aim for the exploration
Focusing on the aim and avoiding irrelevance
Structuring ideas in a logical manner
Including graphs, tables and diagrams at appropriate places and appropriately labelled
Editing the exploration so that it is easy to follow
Citing references where appropriate
Using appropriate mathematical language and representation
Defining key terms, where required
Selecting appropriate mathematical tools (ICT)
Expressing results to an appropriate degree of accuracy
Personal Engagement
Working independently
Asking questions, making conjectures and investigating mathematical ideas
Testing theories
Reading about mathematics and researching areas of interest
Looking for and creating mathematical models for real-world situations
Considering historical and global perspectives
Exploring unfamiliar mathematics
What if...?
Discussing the implications of results
Considering the significance of the exploration
Looking at possible limitations and/or extensions
Making links to different fields and/or areas of mathematics
Use of mathematics
Demonstrating knowledge and understanding
Applying mathematics in different context
Applying problem-solving techniques
Recognizing and explaining patterns, where appropriate
Generalizing and justifying conclusions
So you will need to...
Familiarize yourself with the CRITERIA so you know if the topic will fit
Research & record your
ideas, you may have more than one and will need to select the best
Check with your teacher that they think it is a workable idea
Familarize yourself
with available tech tools you may need:

What is the difference between a mathematical exploration and an extended essay in mathematics?

The criteria are completely different. It is intended that the exploration is to be a much less extensive piece of work than a mathematics extended essay. The intention is for students to “explore” an idea rather than have to do the formal research demanded in an extended essay.
How long should it be?
Approx 12 pages, 2000 words is appropriate. A common failing of mathematical writing is excessive repetition, and this should be avoided, as such explorations will be penalized for lack of conciseness. However, it is recognized that some explorations will require the use of several diagrams, which may extend them beyond the page limit.
Before your IA is submitted to the IB you will have to sign to say it is all your own work and where you have used other people's material you have correctly referenced it - your teacher will check to ensure compliance.

Do not be clever and think you will get away with - you won't - we have already seen cases in this school.

If you fail to submit an IA, or it is plagiarised, you may not be allowed to sit the maths exam - hence you will score 0 points - you have been told.

Deadlines have been set well in advance - and are there to ensure staff can give you timely, constructive feedback. There are no extensions - failure to meet a deadline will result in an email home.
1) Application for Assessment - 26 Nov 15
2) Outline for Assessment - 7 Jan 16
3) Draft Submitted - 11 Feb 16
4) Final Submission - 24 Mar 16

A short report on an area of Mathematics of interest to YOU
It could be...a modelling task, an investigation, a statistical analysis, an application of mathematics, pure mathematics ...
It should be about 12 pages long (depending on diagrams/graphs etc.
It is worth 20% of final grade (marked out of 20)
SO...by 26 Nov
Complete your Application for Assessment
Topic of Exploration...?
Outline description of what you hope to achieve, how you inten to do this, and why
A breakdown of all the areas of maths that you intend to use and why
A correct, full, listing of your references (books, journals, websites etc).

20% of your final IB level for maths

A. Introduction /3
B. Information & Measurement /3
C. Mathematical Processes /5
D. Interpretation of Results / 3
E. Validity /1
F. Structure & Communication /3
G. Notation & Terminology /2

Academic Honesty
Will it work?
What level of Mathematics does it include?
Is it commensurate with the level of the course?
Can I show personal engagement?
Are there any further/interesting applications?
Is it relevant? interesting?
Will I understand it myself?
Do I need to learn any new mathematics?
Do I need access to technology? What technology?
Got an Idea: Ask yourself...
A Communication /4
B Mathematical Presentation /3
C Personal Engagement /4
D Reflection /3
E Use of Mathematics/6
A vague idea....
No idea...?
Look in a textbook - there are some suggestions
Get a book out of the library!
Listen to Maths related Podcasts
Watch Maths related videos
Look at famous problems/Nrich problems/Maths Challenge Problems
Google Search.....
By the 26 Nov 15....
...complete the IA outline on ManageBac
Exploration title



Syllabus topics

Research/data collection required

Definitions required

Visual representations to include

Sources of information


Personal Engagement

Any other info/comment
Full transcript