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Job satisfaction

No description

Undram Jadamba

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of Job satisfaction

Job satisfaction
Thank you for your attention!

Job satisfaction is the level of contentment a person feels regarding their job
"Job satisfaction refers to the degree of pleasure or positive affect that an employee has toward his or her job" (Locke, 1976)

Definition of Job satisfaction
bonus-addition to their base salary
bigger salary
praise-act of making positive statements about a person
more responsibility
threat of redundancy
hard-working boss
perks or fringe benefits
a better working environment
1. Imagine that you are the leader of your company.
2. Think about these issues
How can you motivate your workers?
What are the priorities?

The man who has the largest capacity for work and thought is the man who is bound to succeed.
Starting up (A)

1. A recent US survey showed children preferred parents to go out and earn money rather than spend more time with them. What does this show, in your opinion?
Nowadays there are many place for children to spend their free time funny and interesting. So for children it isn’t so necessary to being with parents. And they prefer parents to go out and earn more money that will invest their future rather than spending time with parents.
2. Would you prefer a male or female boss? Why?
Showing the history of human, there are usually male leaders and men have native ability of leading. Women must be responsibility for home and children, and undoubtedly men should have to be a leader.

3. For what reasons might you change jobs? Is changing jobs often a sign of success in your culture?
There are some reasons to change our job
-Getting away from a ‘bad’ boss (or ‘bad’ management)
-More suited geography or better location.
-Getting away from a failing company.
-Better fit with your skills, strengths and career aspirations.
Changing job can be conduct good results.
-more opportunity
-suitable location for your self
-more money


Roberta is a 32 year old female custodian. She has been working for the school district for about 10 years, with a break in the middle when she worked somewhere else. She returned because of the good pay and benefits that her custodial job offered
A recent study stated that "55% of American Employees are dissatisfied with their work and this includes even those people who are happy to have a job"(2011)
How happy are you with your job?
If you satisfied your job, you can succeed in your work
Job: 8 hours a day
1/3 in your life, you will work
Reasons and causes
Positive attitude
Knowing your options
Balanced lifestyle
A sense of purpose
There are ten sure signs that you are experiencing job dissatisfaction. If you:
· Dread Mondays or coming to work
· Can’t wait for Friday
· Are often bored at work
· Feel tired or chronically fatigued
· Avoid your boss and dread meetings
· Have no enthusiasm or sense of self-worth
· Feel like you are getting nowhere in your job
· Take work stress home
· Question your choice of industry or occupation
· Can’t think of a way out
Being underpaid
Limited career growth
Lack of interest
Poor management

Balanced lifestyle
List of Satisfied jobs
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