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DART Presentation

F1 In Schools Presentation for the Nationals in Birmingham.

Conor Devine

on 15 March 2012

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Transcript of DART Presentation

Production Design WE ARE... Devon Amateur Racing Team The 'Form follows function' Minimising Drag
Sears-Haack shape F=dp/dt Specifications Boundary Layers Reynolds Number Velocity Teamwork This Is Who MaterIals Processes QualIty Control What has F1 in Schools taught us? Analysis Technical Skills Business Skills Conor Devine Will Honey Rob Greening Andrew Kirby Lewis Richards Innovations:
Fixed Wheels
F-Duct time²=(40*mass÷net force) Turbulence ImprovIng Performance Virtual Testing - CFD Real World Testing Application of Knowledge Gained Pressure Analysis: Feedback loop
Analysis of each individual alteration
Cheapest, quickest and most in-depth form of analysis How It Was Used Airflow Analysis Team IdentIty Using light gates.
Fixed/Rolling wheels testing.
Slow motion footage to find out key points.
'Golf Ball' effect.
Range of significance. Whether the wheels roll or not during the race makes no difference to the race time. High Resistance Wheels Mass Management Mass control system incorporated into design. Sponsorship car Manufacturing Engineer Manager Business Manager Design Engineer Graphical Designer Website Marketing Team Kit In everything we do Events Displays Website Twitter Facebook Team Identity DART Events Local and Regional Media
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