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all about prezi

A presentation on Prezi presentations that will amaze and inspire your audience.

Anna-Lena Langmaack

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of all about prezi

intuitive operation
invite friends
creative presentation
save/print out
slide back
free => no hidden costs
PREZI ? What is so special about Pros Hint:
It's more than
just zooming Hint:
It's more than
a pretty background Lando Calrissian Darth Vadar Ewoks Han Solo The Intergalactic Empire MISSION:
CONTINUE BEING EVIL Imperial ground forces Emperor Palpatine Calamari Cruiser Mission:
Blow up Death Star (again)
Save Galaxy (again) The Rebel Alliance Admiral Ackbar Characters : :Characters Millenium Falcon Ships: Luke Skywalker Ships: Tie Fighters AT-ST Walkers Super Star Destroyer Death Star X-Wing The overview structure implies the tension
between the two sides
- it can be conveyed even at a distance where we can't see the details
1. Prezi- What's that? (Video)
2. Special features
3. Application possibilities
4. Advantages and disadvantages
5. Conclusion
6. Sources Agenda Prezi- What's that? Special features - non-linear
- one big slide
- integration of information, pictures, videos, PDF/ Flash files
- zoom-effect
- different templates and layouts A B Timeline 2 4 5 Circle Balance or Imbalance Horizon but sometimes it's just context Side 1 Side 2 tension? Like the metaphors and concepts conveyed in these templates: Here the templates have no specific metaphor or meaning, but help set the tone for the whole presentation. Convey perspective as you move to/from detail internet connection
pro-version costs money
accessible for other users Cons Conclusion
It is fun and breathes new life into boring
There are many possibilities and almost
no limits!
It's a new experience!
You can acquire new skills! Impress your audience by using Prezi
because your ideas are bigger than



http://www.preziakademie.de/ist-prezi/ Sources: Thank you for your attention! Application possibilities - creative subjects
=> arts, theatre seminars, film analysis,
- theoretical subjects
=> maths, physics, chemistry...
- scientific subjects
=> geography, biology
- ???? Literature ?????
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