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assignment 5 presentations

No description

Mariah Reed

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of assignment 5 presentations

By: Mariah Reed The Competition Sally Physical shes 22 years old
a locally well known hairstylist
won 3 competitions in San Diego in 3 yrs
friends suggest competing in the North American Hairstyling Awards
mom do not support To Enter in NAHA Emotional mom don't support
best friend,grace, goes with her
they drive in Sallys car
ppl entering got free tickets to Rihanna concert
they give contestants free backstage passes and mistake Grace as a contestant instead of Sally solve emotional grace happily gets the pass
but saw Sally sad
gave the pass to her
Sally let Grace go because she came to support:) 3 photos
1 disk with name, salon, category, photos
completed entry form/release form
payment $100 Circumstantial grace dog died in a hit and run
asks if they can take her home
Sallys still doing her competition so she cant leave Solution for Circumstantial Graces mom sees how important it is for her daughter to see her dog and come home
so she gets her a plane ticket home. surprise!! Sallys mom shows up for support!:)
She wins the competition http://probeauty.org/naha/
http://www.babak.ca/backstage/naha.html Sources :)
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