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Biotechnology Industry: Medical/Pharmaceutical

Period 4 Group 6 1.Stephanie Berrospe 2. Gabriela Padilla 3. Ranferis Martinez 4. Harrison Pham 5. Samantha Rodriguez

Stephanie Berrospe

on 28 October 2014

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Transcript of Biotechnology Industry: Medical/Pharmaceutical

Medical/Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

By: Stephanie Berrospe, Gabriela Padilla, Samantha Rodriguez, Ranferis Martinez, Harrison Pham

Period 4 Group 6

Key Concepts
Career Option

Medical Uses Of Biotech
3 things you didn't know are in testing!
New test for carrier status for inherited conditions
New technology & tests for pre- implantation genetic diagnosis
Test to predict disabilities or disease
3 things you didn't know are in treatment
Enzyme replacement therapy
Xeno-transplantation of cells from animals to humans
Cloning of cells to improve the effectiveness of other treatments
Avrygen Corporation:

S.E.A. Medical Systems:
Companies and their products
Biomedical Engineer:
Diagnostic Medical Sonographers:
Clinical Laboratory Technologists
Prenatal testing of a fetus
Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis
Enzyme replacement therapy
Gene therapy
Stem cell therapy
Xenotransplantation of cells from animals to humans
Cloning of cells to assist diagnosis or improve effectiveness of treatments
Scientists understand genetic code for the first time.
French scientists discover messenger RNA (mRNA).

Restriction enzymes are discovered. These enzymes cut DNA into pieces and are used for many studies.
DNA ligase used for the first time
FDA approves first biologic protein.
DNA fingerprinting technique is developed.
The FDA approved a genetically engineered tissue to treat heart attacks.
The first gene therapy worked on a 4 year old girl.
The first human artificial chromosome is created.
Complete sequencing of the human genome.
Thank You !
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