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hari krishna

on 7 March 2015

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Transcript of PPT ON FEAR

"Healthy Fear"-- A fear that has a protective function

"Unhealthy Fear"-- A fear that leads to exaggarated or violent behaviour
The causes of fear :
*Expectations that we have to do well
*Inability to do many tasks in limited time
*Very uncomfortable feeling when too many eyes gaze at us
Strategies to cope :
*Better be prepared
*Just keep in mind everyone has this
*Only way to overcome this is by facing it
*Never try to be unnatural
My topic of interest
*Stage fear is natural
It is faced by every one

*What important is how we handle the situation
Thank you!
Fear is natural response often unpleasant emotion caused by feeling of threat,danger or pain
My Saying
"The only thing u have to most fear is the fear itself "
Motivational video on fear
Stage Fear :
Example : Five Frogs Story
Think hard before using "FEAR" as a motivational tool

It is very powerful but also hard to control
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